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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by ZZ, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. ZZ


    Please can someone help me ASAP as this my daily and I need it for work tomorrow.
    Is black wire from a 34 pict 3 supposed to plug into the green and yellow wire from the wiring loom or is it supposed to plug in somewhere else?



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  2. The wire on the RHS is for the automatic choke heater. It (or the cable) may be duff and dragging the +12V suplly down, affecting the ignition. Tape it up and leave it disconnected until you replace it. The high revs may be the choke stuck on fast idle - turn the quadrant that the throttle cable’s connected to right down to the bottom stop. When you’ve a chance, give the whole lot a good going over.
  3. Is that braided fuel pipe :eek::eek::eek:
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  4. Ahh yes Twisted fire starter !
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  5. ZZ


    Okay thanks I gave some more detail should it plug into the wiring loom?

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  6. ZZ


    Hi thanks
    Even for brand new hoses?
    I put them in about 2 months ago?

    There from GSF.

    Please let me know if you think these are dangerous?

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  7. ZZ


    From GSF 2 months ago.

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  8. Well, that confused me - you changed the original post ;) Where exactly do these wires come from? There should be a thinnish black cable that connects to the choke heater, then the idle cut-off solenoid on the left, then to the coil +12V. Your red wire - where does it come from? Where does the mystery yellow/green one come from?
  9. ZZ


    The Green and yellow one comes from the wiring loom and it has a female spade connector this may or may not be anything to do with the carburettor.

    The black wire comes from the top right hand corner of the carburettor and isn’t connected to anything, the van runs better when it isn’t connected to anything, when I connected this to the positive feed for the coil the van ran terribly I wanted to stall every five minutes.

    Am I good to use the van without this wire being connected.?

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  10. A6g0Mb5Zh.jpg
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  11. Where does the red wire to the solenoid on the left come from? Does the solenoid click when you turn the ignition on? Are you sure the other wire is yellow/green?
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  13. Green is good! Just ask Kermit ;)
  14. ZZ


    Yes it does click and the red wire is connected.
    There is a green wire coming from the coil but I don’t know where that goes to.

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  15. Some are poor quality and break down quickly
    But more importantly you can’t easily inspect braided hose for cracks
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  16. Green wire from coil quite ofter the one to the distributor.....

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  17. Dubs

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    Ignore the yellow and green, it goes to the diagnostic plug in the engine bay.
    You should have a black wire from the positive side of the coil, to the solenoid, and then to the choke. The green wire should go from the negative side of the coil to the dissy.

    If it runs crap with the choke connected, then you have problems that need looking into.
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  18. ZZ



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  19. The wires to the fuel cutoff and the choke should both be connected to the +ve side of the coil
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  20. The left hand side of the coil has the big black wire going to it coming from the right hand side of the engine bay. This by the conventions of VW is an ignition switched positive wire.
    The terminal on the front of the carburettor and the terminal on the side of the carburettor should be joined to the left hand side of the coil, so they energise as you turn the key to run position, and the carburettor should click as you turn the ignition on and off..
    You may also have a fuse holder connected to the left hand coil terminal and from that, a wire going off to the reversing light switch. This vanishes through a grommet on the left hand side of the engine, and reappears from the same before heading for the light cluster.

    The right hand side of the coil should have a single green wire going into the distributor. Nothing else.

    If you had an electronic module in the distributor, there would be two wires coming out, one red, one black. In that case the red wire goes to the left hand side of the coil,(same terminal as the big black wire!) and the black wire goes to the right.

    There would have been diagnostic wires connected also but these are no longer important.
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