Unusual Pop Top roof.

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  1. I wonder if anyone out there can tell me if the elevating roof mechanism I have is any good. I am renovating a 79 Holdsworth van and have never seem this type of lifting mechanism before. It was all dismantled when I bought "Lottie" and I therefore do not know how effective the mechanism is. At each end of the GRP roof there are a pair of arms pivoting on brackets mounted on the roof center-line outside the canvas and the upper ends of the arms have plastic attachments that slide in alloy tracks attached to the underside of the pop top. The weight is counter balanced by 2 pairs of scroll spring mounted on the base bracket. Some piccies of the roof and arms: Pop top before work.jpg

    Pop top arms and springs.jpg
    Grateful for any comments if you have ever come across this arrangement.
  2. Quite a good simple spring construction
  3. Thanks Faust, I agree its simple and relatively light however its lack of popularity lead me to consider it may not work that well, in particular there may not be good control in transit from down to fully elevated.
  4. It looks similar in style of a Rivera, in relation to fitting it you could use gas struts to assist the mechanism
  5. Thanks Robbie, that is a good idea. As I have welded a couple of captive nuts into the ends of the C post where the arch was cut out for the pop top, I could fit a folding hoop with a pair of gas struts.

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