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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows the company that did the conversion on my recent purchase, it is a 1979 van conversion, thanks IMAG1047.jpg IMAG1054.jpg IMAG1054.jpg IMAG1051.jpg IMAG1051.jpg IMAG1054.jpg IMAG1054.jpg IMAG1054.jpg IMAG1051.jpg IMAG1047.jpg IMAG1054.jpg IMAG1051.jpg IMAG1051.jpg IMAG1054.jpg IMAG1054.jpg

  2. i'm going for Riviera but could be wrong mate.
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    Home made I’d say!
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  5. It is a Danbury. Had one meself some years ago.
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  10. Canterbury maybe?
  11. Danbury!
    But not seen ridges like that on the outside front. It’s a Danbury
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  14. The roof assembly is now for sale, the van is worse than I thought, it may be good for someone who likes a challenge, the internals are good , but a couple of small holes in the material and the fibreglass needs repainting. I have enough to do with my other vans.
  15. Not really , I tried to find more info on the web, but can't find a similar version.
  16. Just found a danbury version that looks very similar, thanks for everyone's replies.
  17. I’m with @Dicky Danbury I have one:thumbsup:
  18. Thanks ,I think that is the one.
  19. It's a Barry Haynes...:eek:
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