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  1. So the Hamerite Waxoil option seems popular ...
    Paint or blow it on? ..paint sounds less messy.
    How much do you need, says 1msq 500ml would that be 3lts ish then?

    And another 3lts of dynax s50 to go inside the cavities.

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  2. Prefer Dynax
  3. I thought the dynax was only a cavity thing... so they do underseal version too!...Oh no now there's more options...

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  4. That Bilt Hamber gear sounds the dogs. Have used good old Waxoyl in the past but I recon i am converted :thumbsup:
  5. I paint and daub it into the nooks and crannies like the gaps between The corrugated floor and the top hats
    Then spray it on
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  6. Dynax UB is spray-on, but I’ve found the black Waxoyl brushed on thinly is just fine as well.

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