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  1. I appreciate there is a similar thread already open but didn't want to hijack the thread. I'm not stuck in France and fortunately only encountered the problem on the last day of our trip to Cornwall. I am able to select all forward gears with my CSP shifter but can't get reverse. I have found the wingnut tensioner under the van and attempted to tension but found the clutch cable turns with the wingnut. I assume I'm to clamp it whilst tensioning with the wingnut. I've attempted to adjust shifter plate and managed to get reverse every so often but its still a real struggle. I have taken off the front belly pan and found the front shift rod. There seems to be quite a lot of horizontal play approx 20mm(is this correct) wondering if I'm missing this component


    Only just found and not sure if its worn or missing. Would this prevent the movement?

    It looks like I've got a to do list and need to replace the bushes(bush kit?). Will these get rid of the loose gear stick even when in gear or is this wishful thinking.

    Thanks in advance as always
  2. Hi

    It sounds like you need to go through all the bushes along the linkage but as you have put above the front bush i think is a big factor in giving your trouble.


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  3. I have recently additionally changed the hockey stick ball in the nosecone of the gearbox. The one on the left is the old one.

    [​IMG] . This eliminated a lot of slop in the gearchange left after the bushes and shift coupler have been replaced.
    Now I can adjust my EMPI quick shifter back enough to clear the handbrake and still get reverse.
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  4. Quick question,which bushes/coupling can I replace without removing transmission. I know I can't replace the hockey stick type pictured above but can I replace the rest? I will have too remove the engine eventually but I keep finding excuses at the minute.
  5. Just spotted the how to by @Diddymen thanks
  6. Following this closely mate - I still have the problem - I have replaced all bushes in the last 100o miles and mine is still difficult to get in reverse.

    Is yours only troublesome when the engine has been running?
  7. No only had it for the first time when we left perrenporth car park on last day of our hols. Tried getting in gear before starting still the same.I've messed around with the shifter plate and managed to get reverse again.its still hit and miss,I'd say I get second 80% of the time when attempting. I'm still waiting for the front bush to arrive. Hopefully tomorrow so I can fit it. Unfortunately I haven't purchased the the remaining bushes as I'm not dropping transmission unless I need to. Have to say I've loads of play in the gearshift and would like to think problem lies here(nylon bushes). I drove it the other day after adjusting brakes and struggled like hell to find reverse. Hoping it's simple as all the other gears go in. Fingers crossed.I will keep you updated mate.good luck with yours
  8. Ive got a type 4 engine (not sure it that makes a difference) and I didnt remove the transmission to replace the bushes - theres just enough room if you get it up on blocks to change each bush if you split the gear rod into its 3 (i think) component pieces. When i got the van i did this as it was VERY sloppy and it helped greatly - i get all forward gears easily....its just flaming reverse now!

    Definitely worth doing for £20.

    Does an EMPI shifter help with this?
  9. I've got a CSP shifter in mine.when I get under to replace the front bush I will check the others and see how accessible they are. There is one final bush in the nosecone itself sure the transmission has to come out for that one
  10. I think shifters cant stop the slop.

    EMPI shifters have some bad spotwelding on the reverse lockout plate in them and bits drop off making the divide between second and reverse vanish.

    1st-> Reverse( crunch )isnt funny when you want a quick getaway.
  11. Just about to fit the bush as in the link from my first post but it doesn't seem to correct.If you look at the picture below the rear shift rod goes straight into conduit
    Am I to just stuff it down there. Doesn't seem like a correct fit
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  12. I'm looking again and think this rubber grommet fits elsewhere.is this the nylon bush with a conical shape
  13. Having re assembled the shift rods as it would appear I have an early shift rod setup? I am now able to select reverse. I believe my problem lay with a loose shift rod coupler. whilst underneath I had someone run through the gears. There was lateral movement between the front and rear shift rod. I have re secured this properly (Will replace in due course) and now reverse is alot more positive @woollywelshbloke have you checked this. I still have the stirring in porridge feel with the gearstick but im assuming this is the missing front bush as in the picture above. Can anybody confirm I have an early setup as I have nowhere for the rubber grommit/bushing.
  14. Hi Stumpy - not sure which bush you mean - can you point out which from this picture. Cheers!

  15. I bought the rubber grommet type for the front but couldn't find where to fit it(see pic below). Not even sure its on that drawing?
    It would appear my setup may be pre 73 coz I havnt a clue where this goes. Number 15 on your drawing I think is the area that I posted the picture of under my van where I had assumed the grommet type bush would fit( the conical bush which appears to be missing altogether on mine ). The coupling which prevented me selecting reverse is 12 on your drawing under the smudge(next to 23). It looked secure but when gears were selected it pulled apart.
  16. Ok so that does go on my van - it goes right at the front as a guide to slide the front rod through a hole in the supporting structure - clearly yours is different to mine then.

    Re: part 12 - I hoped you would say that as its the only thing I didnt check/replace - im wondering if its worked lose in all the miles I did abroad.....

    Will have to try it next time - I replaced the clutch cable and conduit and gearbox oil - all in about £40 - would be gutted if this was the problem.....oh well at least i know its all been done now I suppose.

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  17. Fingers crossed its that, nice quick fix if it is a loose coupling. Right at the front I have a steel shaft which the front shift rod slides onto. As far as I can tell the bush between the 2 on mine is a slim nylon bush(see pic)
    At least I hope it does. Im sick of buying bits for mine then finding myself embroiled in the crossdresser parts war.

    Thanks for your help and fingers crossed for a quick fix.
  18. That's the one. A job, any job goes like this.
    Have a look and see what's up.
    Order parts you need dependent on what you found
    Fix it.

    Guessing what might be wrong, then ordering the wrong parts for the year was never going to be a recipe for success. :)

    Look first, buy later. Works for me.
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