uber rare, rear 3 point inertia seatbelt bracket

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  1. will do, may have to ring JK and try and get to the bottom of it

    cheers davidoft!
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    Did you get sorted ?
  3. do you know when you are posting the last batch out ?
  4. Hi mate, I havent rang yet, however we have bought a baby seat base which fits so thats sorted that issue. I will measure again to make sure then give them a ring and make sure of what the length they should have sent me and confirm it, I do have an extender strap fitted from the bulk head to the buckle clip, which does have some more belt that I could release so Ill do that too, thanks for the follow up davidoft!

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    All posted out as far as I know
    Have I missed you?, pm me
  6. So does anyone have any pictures of these fitted?

    Would quite like to see how they look and whether they are affected by the rear cushion...

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    There will be a little bit of infringement on the rear cushion but late westys only have a 50mm thick one so its not to difficult if a little foam needed to be trimmed, I can't tell properly on my van as the rear foam is only 3/4, maybe someone else can pop up a couple of pictures
  8. I have some photos from fitting mine which I've been meaning to post - will dig them out and post them a bit later.

    It does affect the rear cushion in that the cushion pushes against the inertia reel stopping it reeling back in properly it doesn't however effect the operation of it as a seat belt in any way. My plan is to just cut out a bit of the foam around the seat belt reel so that it isn't pushing against the reel. Haven't done this yet, but think it will look fine once done.

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  9. Have found my photos from mine fitted. I personally think they are great.






    I used Securon 500 series seat belts. Would recommend the 500/W as they come with a good length adjustable length buckle and so can be made the right length to fit up through the seats without having to use an extender.

    The only issue I had with these belts is that as they are really designed as front seat belts they would normally have more of the belt off the reel all the time (e.g. the floor, up to pillar, and back down again distance would be longer when fitted in the front) and so when used with these brackets, when the belt is reeled all the way in so that it is tight when not being used the wound up strap is wider than the outside of the casing - see last picture above for what I mean. This meant that I couldn't bolt the retractor unit directly to the bracket as it would have squashed the belt against the bracket and stopped if from reeling. So, all I had to do was fit a small spacer between the retractor and the bracket to give it enough space to reel in without getting trapped.
    For this spacer I actually used one of the extra brackety bits that came with the seatbelts cut in half (so one for each side!). Although using a spacer it was still thinner than the height of the seatbelt alignment studs on the bracket and so the retractor is still slotted over the studs OK.
    Hope that makes sense - I think the last picture above shows exactly what I'm trying to explain.

    Other than that, only other mod I had to do was to cut the bolts that go through the top of the bracket so that didn't extend too far out of the back of the bracket and hit the window.

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  11. I didn't bother with covers - personally think they look fine without them. Can post a picture looking in through the window of them without covers if you want to see them without.
  12. Just thought of one thing I didn't mention about fitting them. My van didn't have the factory fitted lower fixing holes and so I drilled holes in the right place and fitted 8mm rivnuts in them.

    I did however have the top factory fitted seatbelt mounting points and so the brackets are fitted to those - which is good as that is the place that would take the stress if you had to stop quickly.

    In case anyone wonders, I modified my standard Westfalia cupboard to make it shorter so that it wasn't hiding the seat belt mounting point.
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  13. Hi, these look great, I'd be interested in a n/s and o/s if you have them?

    I haven't read all of the pages bud, as I'm walking across a field with my dog!!

    How much posted if you have em?

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    Some more coming, pms sent.
    £100 for 1 bracket 1 cover and recorded delivery
  15. turned up today (when you said it would) thankyou
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  16. mine came yesterday, excellent stuff!
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  17. Got mine, thanks David
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  18. fitted mine today



    sorry about the state of the seats we are going to retrim them when the kids stop dribbling all over them
  19. good idea fitting the roller to the top of the bracket, never thought of doing it like that.
  20. the belts came from VW heritage and they list this type for the back of a bay

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