uber rare, rear 3 point inertia seatbelt bracket

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  1. Hi there, I’m interested in a nearside one of these, if you’re still producing them.
    I’d also like to know how I’d go about securely fitting it in a converted panel van if you could provide detailed hints!

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    Yes still making them, @volkswombat did a fancy bracket into the rear window on his
  3. Hi, i am interested in some too.
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    Still some in stock
  5. Check out my restoration thread (Worlds longest resto), details on how I did my panel van mounts are in there

    It is a big job to do them properly, fuel tank needs to come out

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  6. Cheers! Will check that out!

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  7. Hi David, You seem to be a guru in this place and I am hoping that it is possible to breathe some new life into your old thread for the benefit of relative newbies like me and despite Photobucket.
    I am restoring Lottie and a few steps behind James Lay with Iris. Currently fitting a VolksWares rock and roll and looking at the problem of rear seatbelt mounting. I would be grateful for some details on the problem and your solution, especially how to deal with the 3/4 bed to cabinet side. I have also twigged that the rock and roll interferes with the spare wheel, not sure that is normal for all R&R bed types but suspect its normal to put the spare wheel space to better use in a camper. Grateful for any advice.
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  9. Hi how much for 1 please ??
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    £85 including uk post
  11. I'd like one for the left hand side of my bus can you pm me your details for payment ... assume PayPal OK? How long will it take to arrive?
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    Hi Martin the rock n roll beds don't usually get near to the spare wheel, I haven't a solution for the cabinet, some people have constructed steel frames inside the cabinet, a bit of google search should show up pictures, not just on bay windows any camper conversion
  13. Thanks David, I have made a frame for the inside of the cabinet with 2 height positions and will have another look at the bed later. Martin
    OS rear seat belt upper mount.jpg
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  15. @davidoft are these still Uber rare? Or should you downgrade the thread title to nearly endangered
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    They are definitely on the list, still on the at risk register ;)
  17. Are these still available @davidoft

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    Yes still available
  19. One for each side pleeeeeeze! ..... existing ones too low for all bar the very young or vertically challenged :rolleyes:
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  20. Hi @davidoft - I'll take one for each side to go with the connector bits you're hunting out for me, please. Do they come in white :lol:
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