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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Rik, Mar 22, 2020.

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    Ive just bought a set of second hand Fuch replica's for my 73 bus, Ive run the bus on standard steels for the last 22 years so I am unsure of the tyre pressure for the tyres fitted on the new wheels - they are Yokohama 185/65 R15. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Tyre pressure remains the same as standard wheels
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    Thank You very much :)
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  4. One thing I find with running on the non stock softer non-van type tyres is that the wear patterns seem to show signs of under inflation using stock pressures.

    Then the problem comes that if you have 88 rated tyres on the back (not really high enough rating) you cant increase the pressure and stay inside the rating of the tyre. With 92 rating you can increase it to the 45psi region safely. Ideally the tyres should be 94 rated..

    So I would go for pressures on the heavy load end of the range all the time with a camper.
  5. Is it a good idea not to fit C rated tyres to your bus. The PO of my bus had fitted standard cars tyres to mine - I changed then all to Commercial rated tyres last year and noticed it handles much better - I wonder if the Insurance company might have something to say if you were involved in an accident and had non standard tyres
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  6. Strange that my bus has been tail ended three times with my non-standard tyres. The last one was outbraking a Vauxhall Astra by about 10cm.. I think all they will do is measure the tread for legal depth..
  7. C rated are best, but they aren't available in every size.
    Reinforced are the next best and were also fitted by VW on our buses.

    I run Continental Vanco Contact 2 185/65 R15 92T RF Normal Tyre on Fuchs. 92T give enough weight limit for my bus when fully loaded. I checked on a weigh bridge.

    Front 30psi, rear 40psi if remember rightly.
  8. As my bus is lowered, the camber makes the wear much less even, edges go down to cord with centre at 5mm plus tread at 40psi.. so I run closer to 45 psi to push the centre of the tyre onto the road. My tyres are rated to 50psi they are an extra load 92T.
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    Ok interesting comments, thank you all for that gives me food for thought.


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