Type 4 top end rebuild as smoking it’s nuts off when abroad last year

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by 1973daisey, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. You'll grab his nuts :eek:?
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  2. If it gets me what I need I’ll grab anything

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  3. Why didn’t you tell me that last week

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  4. does that mean you want your nuts grabbing :eek:
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  5. Well he did say ‘anything’ so not necessarily nuts
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  6. :lol:

    just checking I'd read things right :D
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  7. Offer still stands raz cheers for them bits !!!

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  8. davidoft

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    God you can drag a pack of hob nobs out , tight as a ducks bum ;)
  9. davidoft

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    I thought it was common knowledge, everyone blames the carling but he’s like it sober
  10. Sorry no updates been ordering bits and rounding up parts whilst under the weather with man flu

    Collected a lot at dubfreeze and ready coming this week !!

    Finished stripping fly wheel off as seal leaking and mounted block to engine stand and began the degrease!!

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  11. Back to it again now hope to really get into this the weekend [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    This time round I left all the gasket surfaces as engine builder did not

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  12. And new Fords...
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  13. Good day today new rings barrels honed valves polished and lapped , new seals all round and now at a long block tin wear should be ready next few days from powder coat .... well on coarse for Volksworld


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  14. Bit more done this morning new seals and push rods and polished manifold and new gasket fitted rods and rockets on 1 side and bit of tin and beru plugs look great quality!! Fitted oil cooler and cleaned it out and new seals

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  15. Nice and shiny...
    Shouldn't the dizzy be in that hole to keep the drive in place?

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  16. @1973daisey si, what valve compressor do you use?? I need to strip my spare heads as they are a bit of an unknown to me so want to check the guides etc. :)
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  17. I bought one but was no good but chap in my unit next door swapped me for a bit sorry bud or would of posted it

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  18. no thats cool, I wouldnt have expected you to mate.. do you know what kind it was?? Ive got 2 heads to do and when this one's back together and in, I'm stripping its other engine so probably makes sense to buy one.
    this engine looks like it's been running on treacle :D
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  19. Like this one he had [​IMG]

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  20. nice one! cheers buddy! have you fired your up yet??

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