Type 4 top end rebuild as smoking it’s nuts off when abroad last year

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by 1973daisey, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Be a bonus if u have mate I’ll be stripping it this week so Got a few weeks on my side to source bits txt me what u got pics ect and how much u want mate got nothing at all

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  2. Looks like I need this allso mate pop is a msg what u would like May as well fit them

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  3. I’m all back all good now babe hope to see u at techenders for a tipple

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  4. of course, looking forward to it! are you going to dubfreeze?
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  5. Not think so but I may pop in for the day if I need bits will let u all know if I am !!

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  6. am only thinking of going for the day to collect stuff too. keep me posted, be good to see you :)
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  7. Hope you get fixed up for TE.

    I seem to remember Daisy was smoking a bit like valve guide smoke when you fired her up a year ago at TE.

    I think your high temperatures in forrin parts may well be down to not having a thermostat, as you have to wire a T4 flaps in the hot position with the flaps splitting the airflow between oil cooler and heads or the cylinder heads dont get proper cooling it seems.

    Unlike the T1 where the flaps just flop open by themselves without thermostat present, and the airflow splits correctly for hot running.
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  8. Yes u did say this year ago but now it’s sick I’ll be at te and Volksworld I think mate

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  9. Sent u a pm

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  10. I have been stood in the naughty corner and made to write out...

    Type 4 flaps also spring into hot position too without a thermostat present, if the spring is working.
    Like a T1 but the little rod from the thermostat through the cylinder head on the T1 can get expensively wedged in the cold position regardless of how hard the thermostat is pushing up.
    The cable on the T4 just falls off.
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  11. Haven't run with a stat on our type 4 in over 10 years!
    I've got one, and found the cable I bought 3 years ago just the other day. I can't remember where I found it now though so it may be some time before it gets fitted...TE maybe...
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  12. Tut tut
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  13. Pah! You watercooled boys have no choice:p
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  14. I have one missing plastic clip for the bar on the oil cooler side to seat in neatly on the fan shroud so if anyone knows where I can get these then please let me know. Much appreciated .
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  15. I think @lhu1281 has them.
  16. Proper hardcore :D

    Major hasnt got flaps, wheel or thermostat but he did have a remote oil cooler which was set to kick in aroun 90'C, we have ran since 2011 without the set up.

    When we go 2275 type 4, he will have flaps :eek:
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  17. Is Major a Cali bus Mark?
    Chip had none of the gubbins either so I wonder if that was a standard for hot climate buses or just a 'mod' done back in the day.
    When @davidoft and I did the recon on the engine a few years ago he convinced me to reinstate all the flaps and rods. I just haven't got round to connecting it up yet. Never bothered me tbh as it warms up in a few minutes and we do a lot of warm climate miles...
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  18. Major is a Santa Cruz bus, with the cat and crossdresser pipes etc on the exhaust system.

    I have no idea how long the parts have been missing, it could be 60/70k miles as one of the heads was replaced & I wonder if it was on the thermostat side hence them being missing
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  19. I do indeed have a bag full
    send me a pm
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  20. "lhu1281, post: I do indeed have a bag full
    send me a pm"
    pm sent @lhu1281
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