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  1. Looking to get the tinware for my 2000cc 78 bus, will any of the T25 tinware fit? Can anyone recommend a good place to buy it all from?

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  2. Most of it wont fit,rear is different, front is different, head tins are different. the 2 smaller lower front bits may be the same depending on US or europe spec, oil cooler bit is same as is the bit the opposite side.
  3. Megabug might have all the tinware or certainly some, and don't forget the undertins which are often neglected ......without them the thermostat won't work .
  4. I have a CU engine and tin ware in mine, but you do have to change the heater exchangers fan housing and alternator.

    Tin ware need cutting to fit and the throttle cable mount need moving.

    I Had to cut and weld bits so I could fit the blower fan on the alternator.

    Like the other said it is not a direct fit, but it can be done on the basis that the CU engine has better cooling, better heater and the engines are far cheaper to get hold of.

    The only bits of tin that are identical on the carbed models is the lower tins.

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