FOR SALE Type 4 2.0 litre pistons and barrels

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  1. Here is a set of genuine Mahle pistons and cylinders.

    I bought these for my engine in case I ever needed them.

    Used for about 800 miles. They have had new rings put on and the old rings are in the box too.

    There is a a piece of fin that has broken off the top of one of the barrels but I don't see it being a problem.

    All the pistons have been balanced. As can be seen by the numbers written on top of them.

    I can do more pictures if required.

    I would like £250 Inc postage for these. I will listen to offers though.

    Based in North Lincs, near Scunthorpe.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Na I'm just rebuilding joes as is went pop weekend mate but it's 1700

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  3. plus you`d need case and heads machining to fit these ..
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  4. Only the heads; the 1700 crankcase takes 1700, 1800 or 2.0l cylinders (and 96mm for that matter).:thumbsup:
  5. ahh I`ve only ever machined a type 1 case
  6. Pretty sure they will fit, then just get new heads or his machined to match


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  7. Got a long block for him mate

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  8. Get the 1700 heads remachined to fit 2.0 barrels, those heads are supposed to be the better ones aside to the 41 x 34mm off the 1800 motors. Zed used those 1.7 ones on his 2.4, didn't Rob Parry put even bigger valves in them
  9. BUMP for techenders....

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  10. @daisy to squirrel away for a future engine build?
  11. My flabber is gasted that these haven't been snapped up already.
    Surely they're the best option currently for a winter Type 4 rebuild!!
  12. For someone wanting to retain the standard capacity they seem like a bargain to me. They’re £365.95 new from VWH.
  13. Hi Do you still have these ?
    What would you take cash if i collected.

  14. Yes and yes
  15. Still interested?

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