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    How many miles have you done on the new engine? It’s not unusual to have to lever older heat exchangers and exhausts to fit as the warp with heat over time, I’ve done plent, even had a 10 ton ram on a set once, fitted them though :)
  2. If now done just over 3000 miles.
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    It’s run in then !
  4. I measured the stud spacing with a digital caliper and compared to your rule the hole spacing looks near enough to me, but I am a long way away. What is the dimension between the other holes? It should be about 182.5mm.
    I think this your engine overheating thread from post #39. I made a few comments then and I’d say the same today -

    ‘The engine apparently produces much more BHP than it would have done when it was new but the cylinder pressures are so low it would be impossible for the engine to produce 94 BHP – it would be more like 49 BHP (14/03/19 that was just 94 reversed, not a calculation).
    The oil temperature seems high but how accurate is the gauge?
    To me the data just doesn’t make sense. The power is too high but the cylinder pressure is too low. The oil temperature is too high but heat indicator suggests the engine hasn’t overheated.’

    The thread ended without a conclusion but apparently you’ve driven it some 3,000 miles without any problems and at 20mpg which is probably about right.

    Fiddling with the carbs and ignition will have little or no impact on oil temperature, which seems to be the only thing you’re concerned about.

    Data that I think is correct from the various messages.
    The build/test sheet indicates an engine with low cylinder pressure – suspiciously all exactly the same, but it was passed as acceptable.
    The subsequent pressure test seems to corroborate the low readings and at least they are different from one cylinder to another.
    The rolling road indicates a very high bhp for a standard 1800 – at least 20 bhp more than expected. And from an engine with compression so low that should only just run.
    The oil temperature is apparently too hot.

    Things that cause high oil temperature include:
    The wrong oil grade (15/40 is fine).
    Oversize oil pump.
    Too high oil pressure, has this been checked?
    Blocked oil cooler, unlikely but possible.
    Incorrectly fitted or inoperative cooling flaps.
    Bearing damage – the engine would probably have failed by now.
  5. Maybe you are right about the heat exchequer spacing . Anyways these have been replaced and we have done exhaustive troubleshooting including replacing the oil cooler and now running using gulf classic 20/50 oil . we even done a comparison with another van that had the same setup as per report below and still no joy.
    Also you may be right concerning the Horse Power reading at the last rolling road tune being wrongly reported but this makes little difference to the high oil temp i am getting.

    "In short Larry had just taken in an identical Van with same running gear and set up so provided an ideal opportunity to compare the overheating issue. The results of the test runs are that the Gearbox is the correct type fitted with same RPM and Speed being achieved so at least confirmed that the issue is not the Gearbox. The laser engine temperature readings from both vans indicated that, externally the engine fitted to my van was running cooler then the test van but the oil temp was hotter then then the test van.

    The decision was made to change the oil cooler as the one supplied with the engine may be clogged causing the high temp. Also the oil pressure relief valve was checked and found to be working correctly. The result after the cooler change unfortunately made little difference to the hot running issue although it there was a little improvement. I have the original oil cooler if anyone interested."

    So we wait the oil temp result of going back to the old school original distributor on this engine will make before tackling the warranty issue with heritage.

    The joys of owning the van. This topic will keep us talking for ages but i am determined to get to the bottom of the issue and find the cause.
  6. The laser engine temperature readings from both vans indicated that, externally the engine fitted to my van was running cooler then the test van but the oil temp was hotter then then the test van.

    This doesn`t make sense to me..
  7. Has the oil temperature actually been confirmed with an accurate gauge or are you assuming a VDO gauge and dipstick sender is accurate? What is the oil pressure? What is the cylinder head temperature?

    Incidentally, 20w/50 is too thick for a fresh engine and could cause an increased oil temperature – the oil system tries to control pressure and temperature with one valve, if the oil is too thick the pressure increases and the valve bypasses the cooler to make the oil thinner to reduce the pressure. It might run cooler with 5w/30 but 15w/40 should be fine.

    I hope I’m wrong but I doubt if a distributor change will make any difference whatsoever to the oil temperature.

    Good luck with tackling the warranty issue, whatever it may be, with VW Heritage but after 3 years and 3,000 miles without a failure…
  8. Nor me.
  9. The report meant the Cylinder head temp being the outside and the inside being actual Oil temp taken with Larry's own interdependent dipstick temp sensor that is confirmed to be accurate.

    The test van had a higher cylinder head temp then mine but lower Oil temp then mine which led to us replacing the oil cooler but this has made no difference.

    Just to clarify we did check the accuracy of the VDO temp readings as part of the troubleshooting and this was confirmed to be accurate. I done the check myself with hot boiling water test as well as Larry at Retro Customs.

    Also I did use 15/40 oil after the 1st 500 mile oil change and then changed to 20/50 last year after 2,500 miles and this has made no difference to the running high temps.

    Have kept Heritage informed since the very beginning of the overheating well before the 500 mile run in period and most of trouble shooting costs have been incurred carrying out their recommendations so they are aware.
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    Edit: they’re £140
    We have very few rules on here. A price is one of them.
  11. £140
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  12. Pretty sure you need an actual price on here.
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    Have a read of the selling rules, cunningly hidden in the thread called "Rules for selling in here".
    We get complaints if we don't get everyone to stick to them, so please put the price you want; not offers over.
    If you want to auction them, this ain't the place.
  14. Ok. How about £140.00 for the pair please. Many thanks.
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    Cheers. I’ve updated your first post.

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