Type 2 UK Wiring Diagrams Book

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  1. I have 4 copies of my wiring diagram book covering all type 2 models from 1967-1979, hot of the printer.
    Diagrams grouped for years 67-69, 69-71, 71-73, 73-75, 75-79.
    Over 120 pages lazer printed onto 100gsm paper.
    Each circuit is printed on a page with relevant connections to other circuits for easy fault finding or rewiring. Plus additional general wiring diagrams and wiring information.
    £14+£3.90 P&P
    Payment preferably by Paypal gift.
    PM me for payment information.



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  2. Me please.
  3. Me too, PM sent.
  4. I have this book and it’s very good.
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  5. Me too please PM sent.
  6. Me too please!

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  7. Looks like I might be a bit late to the party but if there's one going I'm in.
  8. If any more are done, I'd be interested too.
  9. I will do some more if there is demand, but they take ages to print and bind so probably not until next month unless it pours with rain and I can't do anything else.
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  10. I’ll take one please
  11. If I click on an image I get an advert for a Russian bride, I’ve had 3 brides I don’t want any more thank you:p
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  12. Wait for the Chinese chicks one then:thumbsup:.
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  13. Do you do them laminated? :)
  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    They’re not that exciting!!
  15. I've heard some people get turned on by wiring porn:)

    No, but you can always laminate them yourself.
  16. Think that's due to the sites you visit Bazza :)
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  17. All the books posted today.
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  18. Much appreciated.
    These are so much easier to follow than the entire wiring diagram- the only way I could make use of that was getting a colour one printed in A3.

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  19. I’d like one too just for reference!

    Big herb looks after my bay ;)
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  20. And they are much easier for more mature TLB member to follow :thumbsup:
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