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  1. Can someone please confirm the main reason why most people rebuilding a Type 1 stock engine opt for a 1776cc upgrade? Is this because of over-heating going beyond 1776cc and/or beyond 1776cc requires too much machine work/cost?

    Or is it possible to build a larger capacity type 1 engine for roughly the same cost without problems, but most just prefer the 1776cc option?

  2. I tend to build either a 1776 or the 1904cc they utilise the best piston kit 90.5 but no harm in going bigger if you use the right parts and don’t scrimp on it.
  3. Are you building this for a bus.
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  4. 1776cc seems really popular just trying to work out why, especially if say a 1904cc is no further cost to build.
  5. Yep
  6. Machining cost are the same,1776 retains barrel wall thickness,as you are pushing a bus, less stress.
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  7. That’s what I thought and those building/built a 1776cc seem to say it’s a good compromise. Seems bigger Type 1 engines can overheat and don’t take too kindly to the required machine work - then again perhaps it’s also down to the quality of the engine builder and parts used.
  8. If built right it can give twice the HP,but you need to give it help.Full flow ,extra cooling,more breathing.
  9. And it will still never be as good as a type 4
  10. It's a nice size to have, without overstressing a type 1. Also, doesn't require dramatic machining of the case or additional cooling. With twin carbs and a reasonably free-flowing exhaust, you end up with a very handy motor, without going over the top. I'm happy with mine.
  11. Agree a good condition T4 is a very solid engine, I now have one, after having lots of debate on this forum back in 2016. It does cost more than a T1 though. I’m keen to look into possibly building a T1, for the experience of doing it myself and plus I like the relative simplicity of the air cooled stuff.
  12. Like the idea of this and as you say the 1776cc seems to be the safest T1 bet, but with a bit more output than stock. I’m looking into this with a friend to have a crack at building one for his bus and seems the way to go. Maintenance and regular oil changes seems key to keep it running well too.
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    Didn’t zed have a 2.4 type 1?
  14. I think it was from a type 4.. 1800 ... could be wrong though

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  15. Its a 2.4 type 4 with flycut heads from a 1700 plus some other tweaks here and there :D
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  16. Just a few...Wasn't sure if it was 1700 or 1800 he started from....... was it built up by Mr Parry down south somewhere?

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  17. Doesn’t matter; 1.7, 1.8, 2.0 crankcases are the same. Zed/ders used a standard 2.0 71mm crank with H beam rods and 104mm B&Ps - 2413cc.
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  18. Yes, Mr Parry did indeed build it :thumbsup:
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    I'm sure he started with a big type1.
    Maybe not 2.4 though.
  20. He did but it was a beetle spec engine – loads of power but not where you need it for a bus - I think it was circa 2.2, definitely not 2.4 and it’s now in someone’s beetle.

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