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  1. Any pics out there of bays with twin sliding doors with interiors done ???need inspiration.
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    No photos of mine - it’s not that photogenic but laid out similar to this one and it works for us .
    Devon unit alongside the bed with sink and hob and a cheap household oak look sideboard with cupboards and drawers - sort of works , twin sliders aren’t the most practical layouts , I had been toying with ‘losing’ one door and having the traditional along one side layout but it was nice to open both sliders during last years hot days :thumbsup:
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  4. I'll be able to post a few pics in about 3 weeks time when it's done! I've got a full width Rusty Lee bed, and I'll be putting a small cooker pod on the bulkhead and a buddy seat/coolbox cubby next to it by the passenger side door. May do a small overhead locker at the back eventually.


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  5. Worth googling Devon Caravette from the e.arly bay era. I based my interior on it as I personally don't like the full length units that are "tried and tested" on most.

    Pics in my resto thread, search for "Landyn" :)
  6. Wish I had my old 1700 twin slider again...
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  7. Chap on here called russbmx did a brilliant resto of a twin slider on here , his interior was magnificent ,well whole bus was , can’t seem to find him or his resto anymore ?? Shame cos it was mint .
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    Is that the one with the red leather upholstery ?
  9. Yeh blue one :thumbsup:
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    I think I remember it :thumbsup:
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  11. I used to park next to a lake and pole fish in mine. Great for when it was raining...
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    Sorry, had to sort title mistype:)
  13. What would be nice is a bespoke unit width ways with curved doors both ends. Ive seen one years ago in a mag i think it had a oven in it and the unit was oak type.
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  14. @SteveM4646 if you’ve got the solid bulkhead it could be worth looking at some splitty interiors for ideas
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