Twin carbs??

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  1. After pondering it for months I'm going for a twin carb set up, what's the best option?
    I'm thinking weber idf 40's csp linkage csp manifolds.
    Anyone running the same ? Pro's and con's
    Things to avoid?
    All help appreciated!!

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  2. Do it. If you've got a type 1, you can then sling that horrible T-shaped manifold over the fence. Your van will thank you for it.

    Weber ICTs are fine, or the IDFs, or the Mighty Dellortos. The CSP linkage is a good 'un. Budget for all the extra kit on top of the carbs -- it soon mounts up.
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  3. Yeh type 1, I'm a bit reluctant to buy a second hand set up you don't know what your getting, there are a few different kits available online start adding the k&n's and csp parts and it starts to get exspensive

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  4. Have you got 34 ict's??

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  5. You might get lucky second-hand (I did), but buy "new" if you want. Don't forget you'll likely have to re-jet the carbs, which mounts up (any twin-barrel carb you'll have to buy four of everything). I'd skip K&N filters - the generic ones are fine, I found. Buy a bottle of K&N oil to squirt them with. I've got Dell DRLA40s.
  6. Here are mine. First thing you notice is that you've got an engine that can actually breathe properly.

    a engine in sun 6s.jpg
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  7. One sad thing about new ICT's is the crap quality. My throttle bushes were worn after just 6 months use. Not leaking enough air to be problematic yet, but quite disappointing when I have an old set of Dells which are as perfect as the day they left the factory.
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  8. Looks so much neater!! Would you bother with 34ict or go for the 40s? The latter Are half the price, however I want to do it properly and be happy with it

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  9. Are they original webers or repos??

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  10. Everything ends up much neater and accessible.

    Plenty of folk use ICTs. They're nice and simple - really much the same as the original Solex. They're single-barrel, but do you really need one carb per cylinder? It'll bring your Type 1 to life, whatever.
  11. I’ve got twin dell 40s on our 2l type 4 with csp bell crank linkages.
    Was a good choice in my opinion.
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  12. Genuine Webers from Coolair, but new stock. The old original ones were probably made of a better alloy than the crap they come out with today.
  13. That's disappointing!! Are you not using the dels

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  14. What's performance like with the ict's? Are they on a 1600 to?

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  15. I hire 4 buses out and all have Type 4 2.0 engine except my original personal van which has a 1776 engine. I was begrudged to change the carbs as I thought they would be wasted on a hire bus and 2 the ICT's have been pretty good in that they return 30mpg on the motorway. Performance feels more exciting than the 2.0 Type 4. The only reason I brought the Dells was because I hate the ICT manifolds in that the vacuum take off castings make changing spark plugs very painful.
  16. Okay cheers!

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  17. IDF40s are too big for a 1600.
    To determine carb size – square root of (cylinder cc X maximum rpm) divided by 40. Maximum rpm for a bus will probably be circa 4,500. Square root of (400 X 4,500) = 1,342 divided by 40 = 33.5.
    34ICTs are near perfect.
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  18. If you have a 1600 then consider Webber 36’s or Dell 36’s ... 40’s are a bit overkill and you will have to run a 28 vent anyway ... I’d go a decent secondhand pair of Dell 36s
  19. I find 40s with 28mm vents work just fine :thumbsup: They are physically big, tho', although that's not a problem.
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  20. It just trying to find a decent set, and not having to trade a kidney for them

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