Tw12 classics on the green. 1st July

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  2. Bugger ...
    Got `visitors` that weekend but will try to escape for an hour or 3 ;)

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  3. just needed to change the date by one!

    edit, will need to update the link
  4. Would love to go - enjoyed an hour there last year but ....

    Got mi van back so will be up to my elbows in "stuff" :D

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  5. Was planning to go to Crotch Coolers at the Departure lounge Alton. But tempted as this would be nice and local
    I’ll sleep on it

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  7. It was not bad for a quick wander. No one selling proper beer though!

    You need to be registered so I enquired about next year!
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  8. Oooh some nice old Fords in there, liking the Mk2 Cortina convertible
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  9. TLB line up???
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  10. :thinking::thinking:

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