True Barn Find, slightly faster than the crossdresser Bus

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  1. Hi All,

    I've resisted sharing the below as remain unsure of the response however I'm very fortunate that one of my other toys is a True 'Dream' Barn Find that I've left aesthetically unrestored, mainly to annoy the establishment but also because I use it & can't actually afford to!

    Below as found in 2012:-



    It was on the road by April 2012 (as luckily it was virtually rust free).

    Below on Mt Etna earlier this year during a 3000 mile 'Boys Tour' round trip to Sicily:-



    Amazingly it does about the same MPG as the bus however covers the ground considerably quicker (and quieter)!
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  2. Nice one !
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    That's nice.
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    Jealous :hattip:
  5. Very nice is it a V12 by any chance?
  6. Yes. Like that
  7. Yes it's 5.3 V12, originally on 4 x Stromberg Carbs (as below):-


    Now running a £350 (from E-Bay) temporary XJS Fuel Injected HE Engine as below so I don't rack up too many miles on the E-Type Engine as it only had 38,052 miles when I found it as it had been unused for 25 Years:-

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  8. A Rat Look E Type.....Nice :D:thumbsup:
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  9. Very nice! Why is she blue under bonnet?
  10. love it!
  11. Great car -wish it were mine!!
  12. That is FIT

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  13. It's Blue under the bonnet as it transpires it was originally Azure Blue (according to the Heritage Certificate) when it left the factory but was repainted in around 1985 & new bonnet & doors fitted, it was then parked up in 1987 until I found it in 2012.

    When I changed the engine, I sprayed the original colour & you can see from the below the engine frame was hand painted where they could get to it & the bulkhead was just hand painted with underseal!


    In addition when I did some welding earlier this year you can see the original colour behind the plate they riveted to the car before filling & painting.


    It's certainly not all been easy & I dread to think what it would have cost if I'd had to get the work done by others as below is the state of the car 18 days before I set off, through France & Italy, to Sicily in June this year.


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  14. Fantastic and a beautiful engine. Here's is a pic of my 1962 2.4 I had many years ago. Drove a 4.2 Series two race prepared fixed head last year at a classic day and 6 laps of a circuit, only managed 95mph on the straight before the dam bends hurtled before me.

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  15. Yep that's utterly awesome :thumbsup:
  16. That 4.2 Series two race prepared fixed head is beautiful, as is the 2.4 & it's amazing the value cars such as these can gain as in 1985 when the plate was riveted on clearly it wasn't worth repairing properly.

    I was incredibly lucky, there's no way on earth I could afford to buy this car as this didn't go to open market (it was a text from a builder mate) & including the double garage it was only slightly more than the Bay & only just more than the cost of an unpainted bonnet.
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    Proper result :)
  18. Lush.

    My wife’s favourite car.

    Enjoy it.

  19. That is the best ....miles to the gallon ?

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