Totally Mint 1971 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 For Sale

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  1. This is a beautiful, mint and un-restored 1971 1300 VW Beetle. I acquired this Beetle a couple of years ago from a gentleman that had owned it all of its life. He has looked after it like no other car you will see!

    To find a RHD Beetle in this unbelievable condition is very rare! No restoration work has been done on this vehicle. It has been garaged and regularly wax oiled.

    All original paint and in immaculate condition inside and out. This car drives like brand new! Doors shut like brand new! All original stickers still present. Keys are un worn. Foot pedal rubbers are unworn! All seats are like new!

    Comes with original steel wheels. IMG_4865 (Custom).JPG IMG_4868 (Custom).JPG IMG_4869 (Custom).JPG IMG_3099 (Custom).JPG IMG_3097 (Custom).JPG IMG_3089 (Custom).JPG IMG_3088 (Custom).JPG IMG_3093 (Custom).JPG

    And the best bit - only 44,000 documented miles!
    £10,500 ovno
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    We need a location please.
    That looks very tidy.

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  3. The spare tyre is a Michelin ZX, probably one of the originals.................not very serviceable after 47 years.
    I had a 1970 1500 from new, fitted with ZX's.
    Drove it around Nigeria, South Africa, Rhodesia, and across the Sahara from Warri in Nigeria to London. Great pity I sold it in 1976 for more than I paid for it new.
    Come to think of it,...........the one for sale is 10 times more than it cost new!
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