Total Retro show at Crooklands near Kendal

Discussion in 'Show Event Photos' started by Zebedee, May 13, 2018.

  1. Took a run down today avoiding the Lakes as it was full of thousands of cyclists doing some race.
    Nice selection of motors and not dominated by MGs and Triumphs like most of the other classic car shows round here usually are. 2018-05-13 13.06.01.jpg

    One of 2 Fiat X1/9s 2018-05-13 13.05.27.jpg

    Opel Ascona 400. 2018-05-13 12.54.41.jpg
    2018-05-13 12.41.53.jpg

    Nova Irmscher sport 2018-05-13 12.36.11.jpg

    Mk1 Nova S1.3 SR 2018-05-13 12.35.13.jpg

    Mk1 capri 2018-05-13 12.29.31.jpg

    Huge stacklight mercerdes 2018-05-13 11.25.59.jpg

    Fire up the Quattro.:cool:
    2018-05-13 12.43.57.jpg
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  2. Jag on slotmags was cool.
    2018-05-13 10.53.39.jpg

    Had this monster under the bonnet on a brace of webbers.
    2018-05-13 12.39.28.jpg

    2018-05-13 12.41.38.jpg

    Fast and Furious replica? 2018-05-13 11.20.48.jpg

    Rear engined Skoda. 2018-05-13 11.18.45.jpg

    Mk1 polo. 2018-05-13 11.18.07.jpg

    2018-05-13 11.16.05.jpg

    Mk1 Fiesta XR2 2018-05-13 11.04.12.jpg

    Ex german fire bus. With the odd front bumper mounts. 2018-05-13 11.02.54.jpg

    Beetle with possibly the worst fitting bonnet i've ever seen. 2018-05-13 10.53.24.jpg
  3. Can't remember the last time i saw some of these cars on the roads.
    M5? BMW was tidy.
    2018-05-13 13.06.40.jpg

    Gold Imp. 2018-05-13 12.42.20.jpg

    Mk1 'tina. 2018-05-13 12.30.03.jpg

    Selection of MG Maestro turbos. Pretty fast in their day. 2018-05-13 12.12.14.jpg

    The Bug club. 2018-05-13 12.09.43.jpg

    50's chevy pickup with the sisters Pat and Tina. 2018-05-13 11.19.11.jpg

    Bloody huge Ford F250 superduty. The bonnet sat at my shoulder height. 2018-05-13 11.09.03.jpg

    Sweet Alfa. 2018-05-13 11.07.17.jpg

    Renault 9 turbo. Haven't seen one of these since the early 90's. 2018-05-13 11.06.33.jpg

    Mk3 Escort RS1600i. Don't think i've ever seen one before. All i've seen are XR3 and XR3i mk3s. 2018-05-13 11.04.49.jpg
  4. I like the Tina and the Capri
  5. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    I'd have either or preferably both the Alfas :thumbsup:
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    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I like the Skoda,mk2 Astra, renault 9 turbo, imp, x19, Capri, mercy and maestro :)
  7. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Top photos @Zebedee :)

    Can you remember the unlikely Jag that Steed used to drive in the New Avengers? :)
  8. I've not seen this show before - have to take my MG there sometime if not the Bay
  9. MG Maestro who would have thought it ,back in the day...:D

    see the faded one ,cost me a fortune in T cut..
  10. It was a XJ12C with stretched arches. Similar to the one up there^ but with the 5.3 V12 engine.
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  11. There were quite a few tidy Fords i'd have like to bring home. They all go for silly money though, especially the Escorts.
    Granny coupe was nice. Wheels look good on a bay too.
    2018-05-13 13.02.32.jpg

    Rs2000. Not sure if it was genuine though. 2018-05-13 12.49.21.jpg

    Mk4 cortina 2018-05-13 12.45.46.jpg

    Samba. 2018-05-13 12.33.25.jpg

    Nice Mk1 2018-05-13 12.28.57.jpg

    Turbo cossie Mk1 2018-05-13 11.21.41.jpg

    Harris engined mk2 2018-05-13 11.13.08.jpg

    I know where theres a MK2 gte sat in a farm yard. Owner wants £3k for it though. 2018-05-13 11.04.57.jpg

    Another Mk1 capri 2018-05-13 11.03.59.jpg
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  12. Great pics, I am loving the Old Skool Fords

    BTW that's not a mk1 XR2 as they had round Headlamps, it could be a 1300 supersport but I would expect some graphics down the side .

    those RS1600i are rare and many people mistake them for XR3is.
    Sorry I grew up on Fords in the 80's and 90's and class myself as a bit of a ford nerd.
  13. You're right, it was a fiesta supersport. It had the twin grey stripes down the side (thats not a reflection of someone's wind break in my piccy). ;) It was still fitted with its original 1300 Kent but it was running twin 40's.
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  14. I might have to go to this 1 next year.............its not to far away.
    a lot of the cars went to a local show to me at the bank holiday weekend. @Zebedee they parked me next to the green jag, it was so clean it was unbelievable. mine got more dirt on it traveling 2.5 miles to the show.
  15. That jag was rather nice. Theres a rotten one sat in a farmers field near me. Kids have been on it so roof is trashed but he still won't sell. :confused:
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