Topping up oil..How?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Sproggy4830, May 13, 2019.

  1. When topping up the oil I always seem to spill quite a lot all over the engine .
    Is there a knack to doing it,
    Have you devised a way to do it cleanly , or a piece of equipment that realy makes it simple.
    I've tried funnels, rolled up paper , small tin can all sorts without any success .?
  2. I use a length of hose pipe into the filler neck and a funnel up on the engine lid .they are both attached and pour it in . Maybe a little slow but never get any oil over the engine....
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  3. Baysearcher

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    Squirty water bottle.
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  5. Day

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    An oil filler bottle with long spout and go gently...never spill any.
  6. Squirty Water bottle for me as well

    Don't buy any more plastic than is needed!

    I believe a 500ml bottle takes you from minimum on the dipstick to full - standard 1600cc engines
  7. plastic measuring jug and an old t-shirt
  8. You need an old 1L gearbox oil bottle.
  9. I have tonic water bottles?. I always seem to have empties lying around, it’s a mystery! :D
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  10. 500ml plastic coke bottle or similar that's not full right to the top as it fits in the engine bay easily . Pour slowly and you don't drop any then .

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  11. ron


    Bought a set of 3 funnels - oil , screen wash and petrol
  12. Gearbox oil bottle as said pull out spout poke in filler neck turn upside down n squirt required amount and turn up right way and remove. Keep between battery and rear light for emergency’s ( full one that is ) .
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  13. Noooo. Whenever I go on a long trip I need at least 4 litres. It has to be in two separate 2 litre bottles to fit under the seat, and I have these each in a double plastic bag.
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  14. Steady pouring from a plastic jug from pound shop, careful in high winds tho! And 500ml does min to max in my 2l as well.
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  15. Does it not come loose whilst driving?
  16. Na fits pretty snug , I carry one the other side too, never had prob .
  17. I got this handy ol' bottle for topping up in the road, still manage to dribble a bit when it's over half full a little funnel to use in combo-mode! [​IMG]

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  18. PIE


    One of the joys of the later flat engine is topping up the oil!
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  19. excellent I'll stash a couple there then, freeing up some valuable inside storage space, which is at a premium in my bus
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