Took my bus on holiday, made a video

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  1. In short: took my bus around Devon and Cornwall at the end of last month. Had an amazing time. Broke down a bit. Shot some video. Made a quick compilation of highs and lows.

    I've got 91gb of footage to go through, but there will be a proper vlog-style video at some point (maybe!).

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  3. And you even broke down :D
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  4. It's a rite of passage, surely :D:D
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    Cracking but of film .sometimes the breakdown is the most memorable part
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  6. It's definitely all part of the learning process and I was braced for a few hiccups. Though there was a 12-hour wait for a tow truck at one point that tested my sanity a little!
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    12 hours ,what the hell
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  8. Phoned the RAC at 2.33pm. Patrol arrived about 6.15pm, couldn't make any progress and so called for recovery. Low-loader arrived at 2.30am. That was a long day! :rolleyes:
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  9. Broke down but..... not in France.
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  10. Liked the video.. got me worried .. TLBers are meant to break down in Framce not Cornwall... and we are off to Cornwall in a month.. and Bristol next weekend and the weekend after , in the bus..

    .. perhaps a T2D bootcamp could have saved you some roadside downtime, if you drove away from both breakdowns..
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    Nicely shot and edited :thumbsup:
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  12. I've done the Midland prototype bootcamp and drove away from one of them, but it ultimately ended with a tow truck and a courtesy car :oops:. The bus is currently with my local mechanic but my gut feeling is it's not too bad (just new plugs and leads needed, hopefully). All part of the learning curve!
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  13. Great video, what drone do you use?
  14. DJI Phantom 4 (and a DJI Osmo for the bus-mounted stuff).
  15. Oh it’s a drone. I thought you had a long selfie stick.
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  16. Nice video by the way.
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  17. My closest call was driving the bus home with a terminal engine fault that developed 5 miles from home, about 2 days after driving 1800 miles round France.

    Mumbles to self .... Should not race against lowered Caddy pickups up hills on motorways... he cant go fast because scraping.. I shouldnt.
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