Today is Train Your Brain Day

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    Train Your Brain Day was created to bring attention to, and celebrate, the incredible power of the mind. Whether you look at the ‘power of the mind’ as being the ability to come up with creative new things, solve math equations, and design towering skyscrapers, or as the ability to change the way we feel and think about ourselves and others, it’s undeniable that the mind is a powerful tool and weapon. Every day we train our mind, teaching it how to react to situations, telling it what it’s capable of, and even how to interpret the feelings and actions of others.

    With its ability to have such a profound effect on our lives, we should be taking the time to hone and sharpen our minds every day. Thoughts and patterns can become ingrained in our mind, so choosing what and how we think is of vital importance if we want to have the best and most positively lived life we can. Train Your Brain Day reminds you that how you feel, what you think, and how you react to the world is a choice, train your brain to make the best ones.

    I'm going to continue with my crossword puzzles. I'm sure they help.

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  2. I enjoy the odd crossword too. Trying to work out where the air leak in my induction system was was also a superb brain teaser.
    I suspect many of us have plenty of problem solving opportunities sitting there on the drive..
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    I bet it was the exhaust or carb seating?
  4. Leaky boots and manifold gasket plus worn out carb. I got there in the end thanks to help from TLB.!:thumbsup:
  5. I wish I was better at cryptic crosswords but I'm not. Woe is me and all that gubbins :(
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  6. I used to be indecisive and did lots of puzzles to sharpen the old grey cells and now?

    I'm not too sure
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  7. I make an attempt at cryptic crosswords with varying degrees of success; my job doesn't always tax my brain that much, so I think I do need to help keep it working.
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  8. I trained my brain not to do crosswords it only confuses it .
  9. Aah, that must be where I'm going wrong. Good advice Barn :D
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    Ms.T says it's too late to try and train what remains of my brain.

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