Today is Stress Awareness Day

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    Stress Awareness Day was established by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) to help provide information on stress, and strategies on how to address it for both companies and individuals. The organisation is focused on helping employers and employees help each other by providing comprehensive guides to establishing a program within their organisation, and individuals by looking after their health and well-being on a day to day basis.

    Stress Awareness Day is your opportunity to start looking after yourself and your life, and break down the individual stressors in your life. Failure to deal with stress in your life effectively can lead to serious health problems, including increased blood pressure, susceptibility to heart disease, and a decline in your immune system. Once you start experiencing these symptoms they can landslide into each other, resulting in growing sickness, and by extension, more stress. It’s truly a self-feeding problem, and a cycle that is necessary to control to enjoy our lives.

    Selling our business was a pretty good stress-buster, although there are still some days when it rears it's head.

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    I'm all to aware of stress, they're sitting in the longer room with Ms.T .............. her aged parentals cause stress to me and I can only hide in the shed for so long.
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    Have they come for Xmas? :D
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  5. If you are hiding in the shed be very careful how you tread, there is something hiding in there and we don’t want Mrs T finding it wink wink, you know what I mean o_O
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  6. The unknown can cause stress and the known more stress , it’s nice to no nothing :thinking:
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  7. I thought the stress on my belt this morning was stress enough

    I really must go on a diet

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  8. I gave up lecturing and moved to a sleepy yorkshire village to get off the stress wheel.

    I lost so many colleagues to stress, at one time we had a principal/ceo who said of staff 'if they haven't had a breakdown yet, we're not working them hard enough'.

    We did what we could to support each other, challenge the system to try to change it but that in itself created more stress and conflict. life is toooooo short :)
  9. I’m not stressed
    Just gotta finish gypsy, outdoor awning I promised the wife, work Saturday fitting fire doors, have a lots of windows finished buy Friday, make some bespoke architraves by next week, make a door by next week, order timber, order glass, finish off the accounts. I’m not stressed

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  10. You need ta get a job
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  11. A shout comes from the kitchen oooooow there’s water under here . Go to look yes stop cock drip . So plumbing mode and a bit of plumbers fav stuff ,white thin that is and spanner and wind and unwind and wrap and wind and drip stop. Prob need to get a new cock :eek: sometime too but Betty stress over fa now anyway .:thumbsup:
  12. Yes I know
    Plumbers Tape For Everything!
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  13. When I went down to four days a week as teacher I thought that would help. It helped, but not enough - I was still planning, marking and ding admin till midnight most days and I didn't get much of my weekends. Then management blamed overspedning in the school (by over a million £) on a dying man. I got made redundant as I didn't teach a second (useful) subject - I didn't look for another teaching job as it was such a huge relief on me and my family.

    I took a £8000 cut in pay and I've been much happier and had less stress. There have been a few moments over the past 7 years that have stressed me - mainly two knife incidents and a merger of colleges. I do and don't mss the pay, I do miss the teaching bit though I do get to run workshops and training sessions. I have no marking, very little useless admin to do and I get my weekends.

    My wife has just gone through a battle to be able to go 4 days a week and the stress has lessended - not gone away but lessened.

    Workplaces are getting worse when it comes to stress, even though I have seen a few initiatives to reduce it, but overall workplaces see stress as a weakeness.
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  14. You’re just busy, mate :thumbsup:
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  15. Stresses and strains are part of life and I have had my share along the way. But I am in a calmer quiet place now enjoying retirement. Working out a life balance is said a lot these days and its true. Having hobbies and interests and a man cave are important to offset the many bad aspects of daily living. Work seems a lot more stressful these days as is getting to and from work and family life seems more demanding. Folks are much more materialistic these days and bust a gut to earn more money to pay for all the things they don't really need to live.

    The trend now seems to be downsizing and decluttering and leading a simpler life, I have done this and its surprising how little we need to enjoy life and all those possessions are a burden and add to the stress.

    I was brought up well, we were poor and had few possessions, it was jumble sales and make do and mend, but we had fun and going without taught me an important life lesson.
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  16. True, suppose so. ;)

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  17. You need some of this nipper:)
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  18. Nice:)

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  19. You need some of this nipper this’ll detox ya
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    Muy Tranquilo!:)
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  20. Or maybe closer to home...this morning


    View south from Fort le Marchant into Pembroke bay. High tide on springs.
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