Today is Rain Day

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    Throughout human history, people and cultures all over the world have celebrated rain and it’s life-giving power. All life is dependent on rain, and rain is what keeps our world green and fresh and beautiful. Rain is no less important today than it has been in the past, and now people around the world have Rain Day, a day to celebrate all things wet and wonderful.

    You don’t have to be a farmer with your eye on the latest batch of crops to be concerned with rain, and there are many things the ordinary person can do to celebrate. If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere where it rains on Rain Day, you can head outside to dance, sing, or just walk in the rain. If it doesn’t happen to be raining, you can serve up a delicious meal of fresh greens and other things that depend on the rain to grow, and reflect on how lucky we are to live in a rainy world.

    I'm pleased to say that we have rain today :chewie:

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  2. @crossy2112 Will be eating the green stuff today then. Never rains in Barnsley. Bon appetitte crossy
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  3. Gonna rain here today, pretty much non stop...... All day.

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  4. It's raining in Martragny, Normandy. And we didn't pack any waterproofs or umbrellas...
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    I know we need it but I'll never welcome it :(
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  6. It's raining persistently at the moment here. Quite like it for a change.:thumbsup:
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  7. I remember camping in Cornwall
    In weather like this
    Laying in bed listening to the
    Metronome like sound of the water dripping off the steering column into the rubber mat:D
  8. Terrordales

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    You're lucky, we haven't had any significant rain for 9 months and the drought is starting to bite.
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  9. Standing at the window staring at the rain - great when you haven't seen it for weeks - and we don't have to go to the allotment to water the veg either
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  10. Nearly had a late dash ont t moors last night with the new tent. Glad I didn't, it'd be a bit "Heathcliff! Cathy!" This morning.
  11. As I have said before, if we want to see rain we go over to Manchester :thumbsup:
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  12. Don't want either of them thank you very much.
    Looking like breakfast at the Kashmir in Bradford this morning.
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  13. We’re all celebrating this morning by staying in our buses

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  14. No rain here yit but I had a drop darn ont pier n beyond yesterday :oops:
  15. This is when @Louey really needs his yellow jumper and woolly hat :D
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  16. What yellow jumper?

    Where did that come from?????? [​IMG]

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  17. bernjb56

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    Holland :hattip:
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  18. Oooh new tent what did you buy?
  19. Don't say owt to Shele, Hilleburg Akto. One man and his dog size.
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  20. My lips are sealed
    Nice tent
    If it’s green she won’t tell the difference from that one you bought off me
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