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    Radio waves were originally discovered by one Heinrich Hertz, following on the heels of his discovery of electromagnetic radiation. While experiments were performed in using this energy to transmit information, it wasn’t until 1890 that the word radio was first applied, when the radio-conducteur was invented by French Physicist Édouard Branly. Previous to this all forms of communication using this discovery was known as wireless communication, but eventually radio spread across the world and became the go-to term.

    Radio quickly spread to find applications in every conceivable venue, from transmitting information, to broadcasting music, and even serving as a way of transmitting stories. Long before there was TV, there was Radio Theatre.

    Radio had been recognised as having such a profound impact on the world today that the Spanish Radio Academy put in a formal request to have Feb 13 be established as ‘World Radio Day’ on September 20th 2010. On September 29 2011 the UNESCO officially proclaimed that it be established the following February. So it was that the first World Radio Day was celebrated on February 13 2012.

    5 Live for me. Maybe Radio 2 when we are away, but not Zoe Ball :eek:

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    My only companion four days a week
  3. Talk sport?
  4. Despite being born in the same town as the first public radio broadcast.... I tend to listen to most radio programmes on Mixcloud rather than live... is that bad of me?

    Obviously the best show on Mixcloud is Dave's Music Shed ;)
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    I like listening to the wireless, these days I prefer it to the dross on television.
    Of course, internet radio makes a big difference.
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  6. I have listened to the wireless since the days of listening to Radio Luxembourg on the transistor radio under the bed clothes when I was supposed to be asleep
  7. :confused: cough cough

    Tonight at 7pm - a two hour show tonight :thumbsup::hattip:
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    No. Radio 2 and 4 talk sport gets on my nerves with all them false cockney accents tbh
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  9. Thumbs up for 6music here. Shame digital reception is still so hit and miss though.
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    Just failed miserably at popmaster :(
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  11. It's all just I and Q ;)
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    This. 6 music is about the best there is imho. Although Mary Anne hobs has spoiled it a bit for me... I have to flick over to something else during her slot. :oops:
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  13. 5Live and SportsXtra especially if the cricket is on, although I'll listen to owt, Formula 1 practice included and that's saying summat. 4Extra too.
  14. Put her out of our misery.
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  15. I always do.

    Sadly, the Library/Learning Resource Centre isn't the best place to have radio playing so I rarely get a chance to fail at Popmaster :oops: - though last time I played I got the 3 in 10 for Blondie.
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    I got the three in ten for little mix. :oops:
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  17. Never speak of this again!
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  18. I couldn't get half one that one

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    Can’t speak of it @scrooge95 says so ;)
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  20. You're wasting your time, mate ;)

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