Today is Put On Your Own Shoes Day

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    There is very little information available about this day and the jury’s out on exactly what it means. It could be a metaphor for walking your own way in life, being independent and being an individual. It could be a day to encourage children to tie up their own laces, or it could just be a day meant to observe the benefits, and the style iconography, of the humble shoe.

    Strange as it sounds, the history of footwear itself is exceptionally varied and colourful. The first shoes were probably worn around 40,000 years ago, in the Middle Paleolithic period. They weren’t as stylish as the ones you can get hold of today, made from leather and wrapped around the foot. In a pinch, bark and big leaves were probably used, making a rudimentary sandal.

    Sandals became popular during the time of the Ancient Romans, whom history recalls using the now recognizable style. Roman sandals were a bit of a game changer at the time due to their lightweight, sturdy and breathable nature which made marching and pillaging a bit easier for their footsoldiers.

    Footwear wouldn’t start truly being something fashionable until around the Baroque period, when the design of your shoe was a key indicator of your social class. The higher your heels, the higher your class. Walk around without any shoes on at all and you probably weren’t doing so well.

    Throughout the following centuries and across the world, shoes have seen some weird and wonderful designs – both for fashion and practicality. I favour practicality.

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  2. Terrordales

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    This has to be about Crocs!
    Smart but casual.
  3. Just for you, Aldi do a fleece lined Croc
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  4. Terrordales

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    I've got a pair of proper sheep skin lined Crocs.
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    It’s concerning the great 1817 shoe debacle, due to a drop in the pound, brexIN was on the table. The only place to get decent shoes was Poland, they needed to bring everyone who lived there to ingerland to brevent a Bunyan epidemic, it worked but once the shoe work dried up they all returned to there homes with enough money to retire and saville row began with Phileas Foggs first shop “the tie rack”
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  6. My Mum taught me to fasten my shoelaces as a child, sat in a chair facing her....she tied the lace on the chair arm and I then add to the confusion, she was left handed.
    I think I can safely say that nobody ties their shoelaces as strangely as I do!
    Thankfully, due to age, Velcro fastening slip ons beckon!
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  7. Betty’s don’t fit so I’ve got no option :thinking:
  8. *shudder*
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  9. Flip flops for the win.
    Or docs. Or Converse.
    Or some nice leopard print ones with crepe soles
    I shall walk my own path in them, always.
    And tie my own laces, until I can no longer do it and require Velcro.... and then I will just wear flip flops!
    No Crocs!!!
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  10. You get velcro shoes - you die!!
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  11. Have you been sniffing thinners again
  12. davidoft

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    I have a vile of it in my breast pocket :)
  13. bernjb56

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    It surely isn’t about Crocs (or flip-flops)
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  14. Oh, dear.
  15. My granddaughter asked me to put her shoes on.

    Christ, they were tight!
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  16. Dubs

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    Hello Jimmy Tarbuck, nice to see you on tlb. :thumbsup:
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  17. I wrote that joke for him when I was a lad.
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  18. i like them lol
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  19. am still on flip flops
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