Today is Pi Day

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  1. Nicely dodged :thumbsup:
  2. Don’t tell me you’ve never dreamt of rubbing trifle into Dianne’s ample body.

    I know I have.
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  3. Are you saying she is a trifle large?
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  4. Now then, in my view maths is a load of cobblers apart from adding up and taking away. I listened to a prog on the wireless , they were saying that the formation of flowers, and many other things, was based on maths.Well i reckon flowers and stuff were around before academics .So there. Pi my arse, no dont.
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  5. Did you know that @crossy2112 is attracted to Dianne?:rolleyes:
  6. Thank you, Stephen Hawking ;)...
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  7. Poptop2

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    The only time I have used Pi in a practical way since learning it was to calculate the angle of the segments a round wooden window frame I made. The above is true!
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  8. :rolleyes: It's like being in the remedial class...

    Wait till you get to Boltzmann's Constant (1.38064852 x 10^23).
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  9. Poptop2

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    Now ask me how I worked out the degree of angle on the segments, and I'll answer.... " Blowed if I can remember!"
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  10. What are we made of, where did we come from, a little easy going science lecture, enjoy.
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  11. Better than that Brexit rubbish.
  12. You are so correct in what you are saying. However, your programme (what the hell is a prog?) is wrong. Flowers and stuff obey the laws of the universe which are immutable. Mathematicians such as Fibonacci only try to understand and interpret these laws. They can never change them. Indeed, there are many instances where the so called laws of science have had to be changed due to a better understanding of the laws of the universe.
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  13. Interesting logic.. but pi does exist and so do prime numbers........
  14. I’ve got Fibonacci carbs on my van :thumbsup:
  15. A prog................ did you never listen to Jimmy Young
  16. I believe he was on the Light programme. Of course I only listen to the Home service.
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