Today is Pi Day

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    Pi is truly one of the most fascinating numbers in existence, and the quest for the ultimate end of Pi has been sought for time out of mind. This seems a fool’s errand, given that it seems to extend infinitely in mathematical loops beyond and nothing has ever been found to contest this, this is particularly remarkable when you consider the following: modern techniques have been used to calculate pi out to millions of digits, and at no point has the pattern ever been found to reliably repeat itself.


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  2. You can’t beat a good pukka pie :food:
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  4. I remember our maths teacher had a model filled with liquid that had a circle and some boxes in it as you turned it the liquid flowed out of the circle and filled 3 and 1/7 of the boxes if of course you extrapolate the 1/7 that gave you .142 didn't make any sense to me then at all
    But it does now
    Happy Pi day
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. I’ve just hada pi
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  9. Pi = 22/7
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    Very catchy .....
  11. Mmmmm pie....
  12. I shall celebrate at 2 and a bit seconds past nine minutes past 3 this afternoon.


    Actually, I probably won't bother.
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  13. Pi is not just a number of infinite decimal places, it is the ratio between Circumference (C) of a circle and the Diameter(D) of the circle.

    C = Pi x D so if the diameter of a circle is known, multiply by Pi (3.142) to calculate the approximate Circumference and Circumference divided by Pi would calculate the Diameter.

    This is useful to calculate the diameter of a sphere (such as the Earth, ok its not a perfect sphere) so we know the circumference around the Earth is approximately 24,000 miles, so 24000/Pi would give an approximate diameter, about 8000 miles.
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  14. Approximately. 3.14159.
  15. What is the circumference of Dianne Abbott?
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  16. Depends how many pies
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  17. All of them, by the look of it.
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  18. :eek:
    Perhaps this is a good moment to point out that it is a well established fact that people with learning difficulties often lash out at those they most wish to be close to ... :thinking:
  19. It is true that folk with learning difficulties have been attracted to Dianne in the past...
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  20. Well said sir ... although talk of pi miles could cause embarrassment if one is at all prone to spoonerisms :rolleyes:

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