Today is Make Your Bed Day

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    Make Your Bed Day aims to make everyone aware of the benefits of making the bed every morning.

    Apparently, it’s a great boon to mental health and having a tidy sleep environment, according to sleep researchers, makes for more restful sleep. Starting the day with at least one ‘chore’ already done and dusted creates a more positive attitude and can help you take the rest of the day’s challenges in your stride.

    I can manage to throw a duvet I reckon.


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  2. Try telling my son:mad:
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  3. Barry’s son MAKE YOUR BED PLEASE when you get up !!!!
  4. Is he a teenager? Then it’s a lost cause for a few years I fear.
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  5. Poptop2

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    Made as I got out of it at 4 am :thumbsup:
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  6. Terrordales

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    I suggested Ms.T make the bed this morning, what she said would've made a sailor blush.
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  7. Yes 16
  8. "make" it open so it cools down, drys out, and the bugs and mites take a hike :thumbsup:
  9. Means you can't say "you've made your bed, now lie in it" ... He's no fool
  10. Don'tdo this:
    Do this!
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  11. Just made mine as we have a viewing today....fingers crossed :thumbsup:
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  12. GLWS .... though bedmaking is easier with fingers uncrossed ;)
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  13. I don’t normally make mine but I did as I was told init :D

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