Today is Kazoo Day

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    This distinctively American musical instrument was designed in 1840 and brought to the world as the “Down South Submarine” in 1852 during the Georgia State Fair by Alabama Vest and Thaddeus Von Clegg, the latter a German-American clockmaker. Nearly 60 years later the commercial production of this device started, and it began to enter the world created out of the dully shining silver of Tin.

    Rather than having any particular keys or tuning devices, the music of the Kazoo is created by humming into the instrument, and actually heralds back to earlier instruments based on this kind of vibration.

    @Terrordales is back just in time to give us a tune :)

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  2. Way to go
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    Ms.T threatened to insert my kazoo into my person if I decided to play it in her presence. :(
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