Today is Egg Benedict Day

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    Rich Hollandaise sauce, salty and savoury ham, perfectly poached eggs, and the fluffy yet crunchy texture of English Muffins. Eggs Benedict Day is the perfect excuse to cook up a plate of this delicious breakfast meal

    The actual origin of Eggs Benedict is one shrouded in myth and mystery. There are those that profess that it was the favourite breakfast of the notorious betrayer Benedict Arnold, and became a favourite of the British after his defection from the American Revolutionary forces.

    Others say that its origins are far more recent, being the result of a hangover remedy ordered by one Lemuel Bendict, a Stock Broker who celebrated a bit too hard the night before. While the original order in this case is rumoured to be “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a hooker of Hollandaise”, and the maître d’hotel was so impressed with it that he made a couple modifications and added it to the menu.

    Another, purportedly older origin story speaks of Pope Benedict XIII and a bit of an obsession with a particular egg dish. Every day he would order this specific meal when the opportunity presented itself, and so it was that it became deeply associated with him. It also was rumoured that there was something going on with his health that made eggs be something of a craving as it helped to assuage the effects.

    Jenny ordered it in a hotel in Galway once and it came served on a blueberry muffin instead of an English muffin :eek:

  2. Great hangover cure, indeed! Love 'em when done propa.

    PS Do you think the eggs made Benedict costive?
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  3. I prefer eggs bennydidnt
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  4. They sell them in weatherspoons...
    That's the origin...:thumbsup:
    So all the old tosh above is Irrelevant...:D
  5. Delicious
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  6. Nice .... though I don't think it's nice to throw soon-to-be bird babies at Mr Cumberbatch
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    I like eggs benedict but now I’m not eating meat I will have to ditch the bacon :)
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  8. I think bacon is better than ham.
    And as for ‘English’ muffins? They’re just muffins! Only Americans call them ‘English’!

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  9. When waiting for passengers from terminal 4 I often go down to Tesco at Stanwell apart from 3 hours free parking they do a terrific eggs Benedict in the cafe.
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