To wrap or not to wrap ??

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  1. I've just bought a stainless steel single quiet pack exhaust and manifold for my 1600 tp . The manifold is wrapped in heat proof webbing , should I keep it on or remove it , does it do any good ? Or will it just fall apart slowly and look messy ?
  2. Remove it.
    supposed to keep the gasses hot & therefore moving faster but apparently causes overheating in VW's

    Saw it on a tv show years ago.. couldnt tell you which one
  3. @Patrick Nguyen started a thread about this about this time last year .... think he had a fire issue !
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  4. Although slightly different. I wrapped my heat exchangers and because of the usual rocker leaks my exchangers set on fire nearly ruining my van.

    The wrap acts like a candle wick, so make sure if you do wrap any part there is no chance oil could spray onto it causing a fire.

    Now I just just get a big sheet of the woven fibreglass heat mat with the Foil. I just cut it and tie it to the tinware so I can reduce the heat soaking in to the engine bay compartment.
  5. Personally I would remove the wrap . I did this to my bus and the temp started to go quite high . Someone explained to me that you need the natural air flow across the metal to disapate the heat away and to dry out any wet parts of the exhaust. ( makes sense I suppose ) I removed all my wrap and normal running temps returned

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  6. I fitted wrap to a JK stainless single quiet pack, it got so hot that it crumbled and fell off.
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  7. Leave the wrap off. It won’t do anything.
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  8. The exhaust?
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  9. Well that's conclusive then !
    I'll be removing the heat wrap . Thanks all
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  10. FWIW I’ve got a JK stainless, and it doesn’t get that hot.
  11. i'll be removing mine too once the new pipes go on :)
  12. Yes that’s all well and good , but we’re talking exhausts here

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  13. my new head to muffler pipes :p
  14. I was thinking of wrapping mine, thanks for the heads up, change of plan.

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  15. Can’t really think why it would be necessary.
  16. The fun with the JK stainless quiet pack is that the 4 into 1 header tubes are larger diameter than an EMPI/Bugpak variant.
    This is good for a bit more power but it does mean it basically touches the tinware as the tinware vibrates. So there really is no room for wrap or insulation.
    The fibreglass just went brittle and so the vibrating header and tinware just chewed through it and it fell off.

    This means the tinware reaches 65-80 degrees above the header - too hot to touch but the paint does not quite burn off. ( I found this out when I left a dipstick thermometer lying on the tin and drove it 50 miles) It has not been an issue in the 50000 miles since I got fed up with tin exhausts lasting a few thousand miles.
  17. Watched an old Wheeler dealers recently and they had the manifolds of a Jaguar ceramic coated to lower temperatures under bonnet...a more expensive option.
  18. Yes it does keep the engine cooler and makes more horsepower but you need a good flow of air over the pipes... if you don’t have air flow it makes it run hot and hurts the engine.that’s why on a vw it’s best not installed
  19. I thought it might improve the heating efficiency by lagging the heat exchangers and the bit of pipe from the head to exchanger but I've taken all your comments in and abandoned the idea.

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  20. Best cure for weak heating is original VW heat exchangers (and no leaks)!
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