TLB Summer Camp Hogs Back Brewery - B'stoke Canal Campsite - 26-28 July 2013

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  1. Good girl :)

  2. I knew you were a man in gays clothing!
  3. And me ... And .... A baby.

    Dum dum dummmmm .....
  4. I completely forgot Mike - I cant get as Im in Bath all week & then fly to Crete on the sunday morning :)
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  5. So campsite had no idea that there was a group booking...???
    Anyway - we've paid the holding deposit - next up brewery tour transfers for Mike4
  6. That's weird JenW when I booked he said are you with the campervan lot..... But that was back in Feb
  7. We are at the Basingstoke Canal place again aren't we?!
  8. Yep they remembered the pikey wrangling when liz booked :)
  9. Okay - bizarre - I said we're in a campervan and booking in with the campervan group and the woman informed me that they don't really do groups and that there is no block booking... anyway - it's the right place as they had our details from last time
  10. yep same thing happened to me - but i could not be bothered to agree with them....

    right dates - right place - but they dont have details of a group booking ...

    Mike4 - might be worth confirming with them as they may have pencilled us out ?
  11. They dont do group bookings, but said mention the campervan group so they have an idea of how many of us there are. I think about 10 different people work there and the council rotate them (or they are all on holiday).

    Jen, thanks for the tour money, received with thanks.

    1. Horts
    2. Baghead
    3. +1 M&D
    4. +1 Red Army
    5. Top banana
    6. +1
    7. Roger
    8. Liz
    9. +1 Major Hangover
    10. Cathie
    11. +1 Ian
    12. Chris Gonner
    13. +1 Mrs Chris Gooner
    14. Jen
    15. Rich

    People who have pencilled in but not paid

    BaG hEaD what is red army doing? can you confirm your numbers?
  12. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Yay. Booked into the campsite.
  13. Mike4 Redarmy won't be coming :(
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  14. cheers for the confirmation.
  15. Any one else interested in the official TLB Summer camp with hogs back brewery tour?

    wokinggaz ?

  16. yes me, my wife and kids up for it again for the 3 year. think we'll give the brewery tour a miss though, unless your really stuck for numbers to make it up to the 20 !

    how do we book ? is someone doing a group book from the club again with the site Basingstoke canal camp site or do we book our self's direct with the site ?let me know who wants the money for my pitch if someone is doing it please.
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  17. Dawson wants a pitch as well. I think he may be interested in the b/tour too !
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  18. Just call up the basingstoke canal and book mate.
    Let me know if Dawson is up for the tour!

    Looking forward to it.

  19. not too long to go .......... shall we have a 'games' evening on Sat night/. ?
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  20. Yay! Bring the board thingy from Camp Katie if you can, it really brings out the competitiveness in people :D :theforce:

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