TLB Firetec Group Buy MK2

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JenW, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I'll have one please.
    Thanks very much ;)
  2. Hi, seen a link to this on I'll definitely have one when you have enough interest :)
  3. Count me in for one please..!! 8)

    What is the difference between foam and powder ones?? :)
  4. Foz


    Crossed over from EB for this one, as i've missed out previously! I'd like one of these please, with all the trimmings.... Operational lights/cable cover etc!

    I have a business address in the birmingham area if it suits anyone to have theirs delivered there, for local pick up.
  5. i'm in with all the extras please 8)
  6. Yes please put me down for one with the extras :)
  7. whats the dif between foam and powder ,which is best interested in full package for fitting upright rear left corner : )
  8. looking at other threads powder is an extra cost as foam is standard. And powder needs to be service and replaced sooner (3Yrs) rather than 5yrs for foam?? If I'm wrong sorry, just been flicking through previous offers/thread on EB and TLB :)
  9. i spoke to the guy at firetec and asked about foam/powder if it goes off and its foam thats it no damage to engine parts apart from fire damage , with powder once it has discharged ye need to wash it off all engine parts as soon as possible as it corroads the engine
  11. Also if anyone is in the OX17 area we can get them all delivered here to my works for you to pick up?? That's Banbury (north Oxon area)..! :)
  12. are another crossdresser owner sweet best busses by far ;) thats just my opinion though
  14. Everyone who has said interested should have just had a PM from me!

    List as it stands
    1. aircooled_al
    2. coopster
    3. Foz
    4. Greenwesty
    5. Gwar72 (awesome username by the way :D)
    6. kevinhall
    7. lobie
    8. loretta/rickyroo
    9. loudoo2
    10. majorhangover
    11. moley76
    12. olive-bay
    13. Paul28
    14. the2ems
    15. unicoder70

    Anyone else joining please reply to this by 'quoting' and adding your name to the list :thumbsup:
  17. Hi
    I am definitely in. I thought I had missed the boat given the last group buy wasn't that long ago. Really well done for getting another one going.
  19. This looks like it's getting complicated.
    Mike F was number 16, then Yorkshirecampers was number 16, now Bertiebot is number 16 :dizzy:

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