TLB Firetec Group Buy MK2

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JenW, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Now that everyone has had their engine bay Firetec Automatic Extinguisher systems from the group buy earlier this year it's about time I started another sticky for people who missed out.

    The 40% off of list price is if we have 20+ comitted buyers

    The average price of a standard unit delivered from the earlier group buy was £132 including shipping and VAT

    I'll stick this up here & when we get enough names interested I will find out current (2012) pricing

    Fingers crossed this goes more smoothly than the last one ::) - some install pics from the last group buy
  2. hi im in for obvious reasons lol

    put me down for standard foam one with outlet pipe on right hand side

    was going to order one myself but will come in on the group buy and save myself some cash


  3. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    yeah i'm in this time please
  4. Hi, Can you add me to the list please 8)
  5. I would like to be on the list too please and what are the different option's on these i have looked on the old one and it doesn't explain what they all are? ;D
  6. Are you a sadist? Going through organising it again!!!
  8. For now just indicate if you are committed to buying one at around the £135-50 mark (allowing for inflation).

    The main options are foam vs powder

    Extras are a light to indicate it is on, a light to indicate it has gone off, both and a wire guard for the extinguisher cable that goes above the engine

    I'll provide specifics once we start getting more interested buyers (and when I've had information back from Firetec)...
  9. ok that's fine can't wait :dance:
  10. Put me down for one please.
  11. Please put me down for one as well!
  12. Yes please for us too :mwave:
  13. Put me down for one as well please. Thanks :D
  14. Add me too
  15. I'm in :)
  16. Im in 100%


  17. Poll posted now ;)

    I've heard from Firetec and the pricing will remain roughly the same (I think it will increase by £5 on 1st Jan).

    Firetec need a business address for shipping the units. Work from home addresses are okay

    If you don't have a business address please start thinking about where you could have the delivery sent - the last group buy saw several people club together for deliveries & if anyone is London-based I am happy to do have them shipped to me again & meet up to pass them out.

    Installation wise - Firetec will need to know if you plan to install your extinguisher under the roof of the engine bay or on the side of the engine bay.

    I will start collecting e-mail addresses next week :)
  18. I have money ready, and would like more info on pricing on the extra's when you hear back :dance:
  19. I'd also be intersted.



    P.S. First post! Popped over from earlybay.
  20. This came over to us on earlybay so hope it's OK to sign up and join in even though my van's a '67! I had the system in my old van and want to make sure the new one is propelry protected. Cheers!

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