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  1. Come-on you lot!

    Whats not been invented but should have been?
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  2. Replacement spines
  3. @Barneyrubble
    If only that wouldn't that be amazing.
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  4. I’ll give you none of the money fa all of the profit
  5. The right oil for late bays
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  6. Max Bygraves
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  7. Im oot

    EDIT:But not in a yesterday's coming out day kinda way.
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  8. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Ha ha ... was only talking about this earlier at work - here’s my dragons den pitch that I’ve been toying over applying to get on the show with ...

    Gents.. you know when you’re driving along having a phone conversation with a mate and a nice young , perfectly formed lady walks past - you say something along the lines of ‘bloody hell look at that’ your mate on the other end says ‘ wish I could’

    Well now you can with ‘Klunge Kam’ press a button on your dash and the camera homes in and sends a photo of the said young lady via sms to your mate...
    There would be a premium version too with BRS technology ( breast recognition software) sound an alert if you miss something interesting ...

    In the interests of equality and keeping sour faced Deborah meedhan happy I am developing a version for the ladies .... not sure what to call it - any ideas ladies?
  9. A device with an elasticated waist that you put both legs through in the morning.
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  10. That's actually slightly creepy :eek:
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  11. Is that oot or oot oot
  12. I'm not "gowin aout aout"
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  13. Pikeys
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  14. But I think there is a market for it.
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  15. That's a load of "bun cam"
  16. Is that you with the loudspeaker on the roof and a short MP3 file linked to a button on the dash that goes "phwoar cop a load o those luvvlies!" whenever a Theresa May lookalike walks by?
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  17. Free over-the-fence slingshot with every empi part
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  18. Bazza’s tights?
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  19. The one that got away for me was the rear bumper ultrasound proxity sensor ... Was working on a kit for it with help from a maths boffin who had all the necessary electronic bits and bobs ..... in 1983
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