Tips for adjusting clutch cable please.

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  1. i must be missing a trick here.
    Cable terminates through the gearbox lever with a big wing nut.
    The end cable itself the front side of the lever is the shape for a spanner.
    So.... hold cable with a spanner. Now how the f... do u turn the wing nut?
    It’s not seized. I can rotate the cable with said spanner.
    But it’s under pressure via the lever.
    Need children’s hands to reach it!
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    Hold the cable with vice grips to stop it rotating, wd40 the wingnut and threads
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  3. Can you wind it back out? Has it just reached the inner end of the thread so there’s no more adjustment left. If so add some spacers, like a stack of washers, and it’ll give a bit more life to the cable.
  4. No there is adjustment and the cable turns freely. But it’s the wing nut I can’t turn. It’s hard enough just to reach.
  5. ^this. The big wingnut should turn freely, but stiffly, with the clutch arm tension. Might want to take the back wheel off for easier access.
  6. It's a bit dodgy but I've in the past pushed and wedged the clutch pedal down then gone round to the arm on gear box wedged a short extension bar against it . Then released the clutch pedal which makes the cable nice and loose and not under tension . Adjusted wing nut then done the procedure in reverse . It's a bit dodgy as if the small bar wedgeing the gearbox arm comes off it's gonna snap back on ya fingers but makes a stubborn cable nice and easy to adjust. Not really recommended for "safety" reasons but it works for me and gives me a chance to re lube the threads on the cable .

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  7. I take a luggage strap, rope, or thick piece of wire, and tie it into a loop, roughly so that if you stand on one end, the other end comes up to your chest. hook that over the clutch lever on the gearbox, fit the cable, then hook your foot into the loop and push the lever down. then just wind the nut on. Once done, untie the loop and remove. Simple :)
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  8. What they said. Take the tension off the cable and it's much easier. There's a proper tool but it's not really needed.
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