Tinkling noise - Gearbox going?

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  1. Hi all,
    My bus has developed a metallic tinkling noise while driving. It seems to be getting worse too. It does not change with engine revs, so its drive train. The noise starts once you are on the move from relatively low speed and is constant. It does not increase with speed. Stopped and idling there is no noise.
    At the weekend I put the bus up on stands, and ran the engine in gear (second), but could not hear the noise, which suggests its only when something is under load.
    A visual check of joints etc does not turn anything up. All boots are good with no leaks. Allen bolts holding the drive shafts are tight.
    With the wheels off the ground, and in gear, I tried rotating the wheels backwards and forwards, and there is quite a lot of movement and clonking as you take up the slack and the other wheel starts to turn (does that make sense) but i don't know if this is normal or not.
    Assume the gearbox has not had a rebuild and could have 6 figures miles on it. Odo reads 45k (so could be 145k or 245k!)
    I drained it to fix a leaky bell housing seal a couple of years ago, and filled it with fresh gear oil at the time, so its only covered a couple of thousand miles since then.
    The bus has also started making a rubbing noise when in reverse, but this sounds like its coming from under the front, but again I can't see anything, so could berelated.
    Other than the noises, it seems to drive 'normally' whatever that is.
    I don't know what type it is, but its not a '6 rib'. Bus was originally a 1.7 type 4, but had a 1600 type 1 when I bought it.
    Any ideas,
  2. Drop the gear oil, see if there's any metal chunks it.

    Or clutch release bearing, possibly?

    This is what came out of my Bug's box but noise was much more like a knock. WP_20170521_001.jpg
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  3. How did the coin get in there?:)
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  4. Didn't you know? ;) You get one with every broken gearbox, so you know how big the chunks of broken gear tooth are.
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  5. It was probably dropped in the pair of ladies tights the previous owner stuffed in the box to quieten it down...
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  6. I wouldn't assume its the gearbox or differential causing the tinkling and rubbing. I would check out the brakes front and back, maybe something silly like a loose spring tinkling the rear drum. It has been known. Could be many other possible causes.

    The slack and clonk you felt when the wheels were rocked back and forth is probably quite normal, my mgb clonks a lot and its just a bit of diff wear and they all tend to do that.

    My van had a tinkling noise a while back and it was engine related, 1600tp, the fan very slightly made contact with the tin shroud and cured with a little fettling.
  7. the noise up front will be most likely because the sound will transfer from the gearbox through the chassis / shift rod and will resonate in the cabin. ticking (or tinkling) noise could be bad / dry cv joint but I wouldn't rule out the gearbox yet, it should be CK same as CE but with long input, can you record the sound?. first drain the oil and show up the magnetic plug.
  8. I have a funny ticking noise, its my speedo cable. 1 day I probably won't do anything about it :)
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  9. Mine does the same. I put some grease in it which stopped it for about a week. Trick is to drive fast enough that you can no longer hear it.
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  10. Is that possible in a Bay?
  11. No. :(
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  12. If I turn the radio right up I cant hear that lol
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  13. Not in mine, If i go fast I get a whine coming from the passenger seat, well if she is with me !
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  14. Tinkling noise could be handbrake horseshoe washer or other loose bit of metal in rear brake drum. When you reverse it scrapes because it gets wedged under the edge of the brake shoe.
    Take drums off and have a look.
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  15. Checking the drums is a good shout, but what is throwing me is the fact it does not increase or decrease with speed or revs. Clutch release bearing would change note as you change gear, but this does not happen. Clutch up or down the noise is constant. I'll try to record it tonight.
  16. if its gearbox pinion side or drive shafts it should relate to the speed, gearbox mainshaft will be engine speed. did you check for stones inside the hubcups?
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  17. Had a strange noise on mine which didn't change much with speed/revs it was my cheap gsf exhaust slowly falling apart.
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  18. Mystery solved. Metallic tinkling sound was a broken spring clip on the brake caliper. The broken bit was bumping on the disc.
    Also the rubbing sound was because the last mechanic who did the brakes, didn't get the pins through the holes on the shim between the caliper and pad, so it had worked it's way down and was rubbing on the disc.

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  19. I was right then. Do I get a prize.
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  20. You called it. After spending a few hours at the back, poking and prodding etc, wheels off, drums off checking everything with no luck, moved to the front, took the first wheel off and spotted it immediately.

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