Throttle cable conduit

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  1. replaced the throttle cable over the weekend and had to chop into the flexi conduit at the back end of the metal stuff as there was a blockage in there. Now need to remove it and fit a new one, but can’t see how to get the old connection between the metal and flexi hose off. Seems like it’s crimped somehow but it’s not budging.

    Any tips?
  2. I think it is crimped, and will put up a fight.
  3. :(. Though that would be the case.
  4. Should have started with the old cable spinning in a drill trick and tried to chew your way out of the old conduit first..

    Rule 1 never trash OG parts of a bus unless they leave as a bucket of rust pieces.

    This worked on mine. First throttle cable took a day, including eventually using the drill trick.
    Second throttle cable a year later went through a dream.. had to replace it when I fitted a progressive carb as the first one was too short and popped out of the clamp one time too many going uphill ona motorway.
  5. The blockage was (is!) about 2 inches in the metal part so had to sacrifice the flexi hose to get into the metal bit to clear it out :(
  6. That's a bum. Not sure where you'd get a replacement flexi. Is it repairable?
  7. I don’t think so, had to snip it and it’s bent the reinforcement inside so will just end up snagging the cable at some point.

    CoolAirVw do a replacement one for about £12. There’s a few on eBay for pennies too, but I’d rather not... :)
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  8. Good. Honestly didn’t think they’d be available any more. Brazilians, I supose.
  9. Other option is to get some 8mm copper and do a complete new run from front to back. Might pay to do that, at least it’s thicker and if (when!) it needs rerunning i should be able to just tape old and new together and pull it through.


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