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  1. It was like that in the Philippines 30 years ago. Must be even worse now, if that's possible, but the locals were already collecting selected polymers as they were paid to recycle it.
  2. Because our economy is reliant on consumerism, so the government is complicit with retailers who want to use cheaper single use packaging to maximise profit - they only mention recycling to make us think they care.

    They don't.

    If they did, single use packaging would already be history.
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    SKF are OEM parts.
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    Banks have counterfeit money too, they do their best to pass it on
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  5. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Thought provoking.
    These pics are ones that the wife's grandad took of Hiroshima after he watched the bomb go off from the safety of his naval ship. They moored up, and walked around taking pics of the damage.
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  6. When my nan died we cleared her flat and found lots of bags full of paper bags and little bits of string etc. It was quite pogniant because it reminded us that she'd lived though WW2 and rationing so didn't throw anything away!

    Come to think of it, even her old ash bin was mostly full of ash from the fireplace.

    I can't even remember there being a council rubbish tip that was open to the public ??
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  7. Here’s one. Never thought I’d get the opportunity to share this. Somewhat disturbing Moroccan clothes shop display with inventive use of spare dummies as there was no free floor space for them.

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  8. It’s a real conversation killer that one...

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  9. What a fantastic method of population control! Hang 'em or behead 'em!
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    That is a bit unnerving!
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    Can you imagine doing that with Morrocan coloured mannequins in this country...

    I can literally hear the Volvo's being started to get to the protest march.

    Meanwhile the rest of us probably think it's sad that in Morrocco they can't get any mannequins that aren't white.
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    Not for very long.
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  13. F9A31155-2646-4999-8044-C466C059BEF2.jpeg
  14. You know you’ve hit on a point I forgot to mention that occurred to me at the time.
    I only saw one shop - a high-end tourist shop in Marrakech as it happens - that had non-white shop mannequins.

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  15. IMG_0495.JPG

    I never imagined Everest would be so busy...:eek:
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  16. When I was a youngster Everest was seen to be the World Cup of mountaineering a place for the elites ... now it's sadly become the goal of those with the deepest pockets. Having climbed in the Alps and Scotland, where you try to find routes and places away from the crowds, I can't see the appeal of Everest, adventure is what you make not what you get dragged up by some fit sherpas, no doubt it's all about the bragging rights. Sadly at least four died this week, a result of the weather limiting opportunity for summit attempts this month and subsequent queues on the good days, apparently there was 200 to 300 in the queue.
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  17. im assuming have t come back down past the same queue..:thinking:
  18. Yes one way up and down. I'm led to believe from what I've read some parts are pretty narrow and you cant pass someone coming the other way. I remember going to see the lectures of Chris Bonnington and Doug Scott, famous British mountaineers in the 1970s who had been involved with doing harder routes on Everest.
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  19. "I'm not Brian...Now...F@#& Off!...
  20. I blame 'Go Outdoors'...
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