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  1. A quality brake calliper from the east...!

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  2. And were made to worry about buying a plastic bag....:rolleyes:

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  3. So where’s the other half?
  4. Jeez, that's scary stuff.
  5. A lot of that ‘pollution’ can only be blamed on local government. If they put rules in place to dispose of rubbish correctly then that wouldn’t happen.
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    Nah , if all rubbish was bio degradable it wouldn’t mount up like that
  7. Even better point!

    Again down to governments to enforce companies to make products that can.

    I have no idea why our gov’t haven’t banned plastic bottles/bags altogether. There are plenty of alternatives.
  8. Brake light switch.
    Brake light switch.jpg
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  10. When I were a lad we didn't have plastic. Everything came in glass bottles, metal tins paper bags or hessian sacks - and we lived to tell the tale.
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  11. I never had you down as a mechanic ! :)
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  12. Do you think the switch is bad at spelling too?
  13. I vaguely remember some of those.
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  14. That is terrible - what brand is it - who supplied it? It could kill someone.
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  15. That picture was not of a brake caliper for a VW T2.
    I have never seen a disc rotor like that fitted to a bus.
    If you fit CRAP, then this is what you must expect.

    Having said all that......., that's not a VW bus
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  16. Probably on a jeep...:thinking:
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  17. Might be using predictive text...
  18. Moons

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    There is a lot of counterfeit kit out there these days.

    Bought a set of SKF wheel bearing for the mini, replaced each side at the same time.

    One side failed it's MOT within 7 months, car had done maybe 1200 miles....modern mini's have cassette hub bearings, so next to impossible to fit them incorrectly.

    Motor factors sent them to manufacturer who on analysis said they were conterfeit, other set the big supply chains have counterfeit kit in their stock too.

    On critical kit like brake components and hub bearings it should be publicised and efforts made to find and prosecute.

    Won't happen though.
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  19. Only buy OEM parts.

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