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  1. Cheers. Seems like something I would avoid if I was to buy another bus (could hide many horrible stuffs) but that I would happily install on mine when restored.
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  2. Th
    That's pure brilliance!
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  3. Thanks for the very valuable advice.
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  4. What a superb thread, this has inspired me to have a go at the lingering problems with my van (72 Westy) namely fridge isn't cold; no hot air in front cab and repeated distributor failures. I have spent a redonculuous amount of money getting my van road worthy and realise now I should just get my hands dirty! Standby for some daft questions, thanks again.
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    Glad it can be of help dude. Have a go at stuff. The worst that can happen is you have to pay to get something fixed you couldn't get the hang of, and we're always on hand for daft questions. We love daft questions :thumbsup:
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  6. Just FYI the welded on pans came off my bus today. To replace sills and outriggers and holes in main chassis is estimated as 60 hours labour plus parts, or two guys working for 30 hours. This is £3000 plus parts. Say near £4000.

    Moral. Walk away from a Devon with belly pans unless they are unbolted for you to be able to inspect...
  7. Well I just paid the bill. 64 hours labour plus about £500 parts plus VAT and a couple of MOTs came to £4409.

    But I have driven it 58000 miles so its not too much per mile.
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  8. Sounds great!
    I’ll try and make one, or both, of these events.
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    Did you ever make one?
  10. Yes thank you. April this year and last. Great experiences. I learned a lot, though weather both times didn’t lead to a lot of work...I actually really enjoyed just chilling out in my van this year.
    Looking forward to September.

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