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  1. What is the thickness of metal on the floor? I've got a couple of holes around the 20p size & need to weld some fresh steel in.

    Does it matter if it doesn't follow the wavy flow of the original floor?

  2. you can buy the wavy flooring as repair panel, or you might be able to get a cut from an old van.
    You may find the surrounding is thin and the small hole is bigger, so you end up using most of the sheet.
    Approx £40 I think.
  3. @davidoft probably has some original floor sections stashed in his wonderful parts emporium :thumbsup:
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  4. Depends how neat of a repair you’re after. Clean back the metal to shiny steel to see how much needs repairing. I’d personally get some of the corregated repair pieces and weld those in. They’re probably 1mm or so.

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    You could use a 20p piece.

    Might need some bending.
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    Over engineered for the job, but only just

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  8. That floor is rusty on top from holes from underneath... maybe try tapping with a hammer and extend the holes. You will find the holes are all actually in a region of very thin metal and that as you go, the horror will multiply until it extends 20cm from hole into regions that look good from the top.
    If you try to weld such tinsel thin metal, you may well be greeted with the metal catching fire and burning as well as melting into ever bigger holes. You need to cut back to metal that is basically solid or you will just end up with a rubbish job.

    Or go at it with a wire brush on a drill from both sides, watching for flying shreds of floor, apply Kurust and then apply fibreglass loaded filler on top. Paint top and underside with Rustoleum or Hammerite and pretend it never happened. Such repairs have lasted 9 years on my floor ...
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  9. I would follow Mike's advice, re, wire brushing to see the extent of the corrosion else you'll end up chasing holes around before welding new sections in
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