FOR SALE Thermal Tempest propane greenhouse heater

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by Ermintrude, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. The shed clearout is beginning....

    Thermal Tempest TX3000 greenhouse heater. Pipe will need replacing.
    Can take to Techenders or pick up from Saltaire.

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  2. Fit it into the van - quicker than the Propex ... :thumbsup:

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  3. Ha.


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  4. none of you lot care about plants, huh? poor things left in the cold. i know it's april but you try sleeping outside without a heater.
    i give up. i'm wasted here.
  5. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    I did last weekend and you weren't worried about me :(
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  6. hey, i made sure you found your tent... eventually. none of you slept outside on my watch. and let's face it, tents are often warmer than campers! :D
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  7. still in shed, still up for sale.... bet you lot still don't care :confused:
  8. Have you advertised your items else where cuz ,just a bunch of tight geets on ear who pull your stuff ta bits but don’t want um . Hope you have better luck on shpock or what eeeeva :hattip:X
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  9. We are very modern up here 'cos we have that new fangled electric in our green house
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  10. :D

    Think I’ll have to have a big eBay session this week as there’s a lot more stuff and I’ve no idea what to ask for it .

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  11. My house isn’t green, will it still work in a house like mine?

    Sorry Erm, I’m not helping much am I? :(
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  12. I have some green paint you could have!

    I don’t mind,it makes me smile. Think I’m goi g to be doing a lot of 99p start eBay listings soon!

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  13. And if you’re in need of any chests of drawers, pine wall shelf units, Ercol chairs... probably a pine kitchen table, a fall arrest small space safety winch, etc.... let me know!

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  14. Try also selling on no fees as far as I'm aware.

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  15. Think I’ll just use local fb pages for big stuff and eBay if no joy from there. Really need to get space made ASAP while the weather holds. Cellar is transformed!

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  16. @Ermintrude what sort of plants where you growing ;)
  17. Those sort are definitely not my (grow) bag :D

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  18. @Geordie I used to grow plants but ended up finishing with my women 'cos she couldn't help me with my mind and people thought me insane 'cos I was frowning all the time.
    You didn't help me.
    Thought you was my friend :)
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  19. I think that most people on this forum who grow exotic plants of dubious legality have already made arrangements for their greenhouse heating.
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  20. @crossy2112
    Just meet me half way and ask:D

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