The Test Trip

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  1. With the Puck returning from my caravan man on Friday night, we ventured off for an overnight test trip to the C & CC site at Teversal, (which has possibly the poshest toilet block ever).
    Mr Happy pulled the Puck remarkably well with the full gear on board. and we pitched up with the drive away awning attached to the Puck rather than the camper which also worked OK.
    The only snags were a loss of right hand indicators on the Puck for the journey home, fortunately not many right turns needed, and we were not going to overtake anything! Also not convinced by the overrun brake but that may just be in comaprison to my much heavier modern van and lighter towcar.
    So now set for Normandy adventure next week.

    A few piccies below



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  2. That looks a nice set-up. Good luck with your big trip :thumbsup:

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