The sky is falling.....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Osbert, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Every time I look at the paper, tune in to the tv news, or look at web I am faced with some apocalyptic vision of what our little country is going to be like post Brexit. Feels like it did 18 years ago when planes were gonna crash because the computers running them couldn’t count past 31.12.1999.

    I thought it might be nice to come up with ridiculous future forecasts of what life will be like for us post March 19, at least then it won’t be as bad as we thought.

    I think that, because no drugs will be available, we will all contract some disease which will turn us into human flesh eating zombies...... and because there will be no chance of getting across the channel for 12 months, due to the queues at Dover, we won’t be able to eat our European cousins.
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  2. Well you have cheered my up no end:eek:
  3. I think someone who’s had enuff of the media will close the lot down without any warning and the world will be a happier place so thank you god .
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  4. We'll have Hoover boots instead of hover boots.
  5. But Barnes how will they control the thoughts of us plebs?
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  6. Does they control uuuussssssss :eek: suuuurrrreellly they arnt cleve enuff init :eek:
  7. They are telling us that medicine and fruit and veg won't be able to get through - I bet BMWs and Mercs will though
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  8. Don’t panic. Statistically - and it’s true - there’s actually no better time to be alive than today, if you’re objective. Of course, good news never makes the headlines...
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  9. Poptop2

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    It’s them Jerry’s again. We never fought a war just to be told what to do by them did we, I bet theyre scare mongering and stirring up propaganda just to get their hands on us Crown Jewels
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  10. If we can't buy cars, wine, bacon and butter etc from the eu, their whole economy will collapse and they will be begging us for a trade deal. Don't believe the scaremongers!
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  11. My prediction.

    The 600 or so political elite who genuinely believe their wishes count for more than the 17 million people who democratically voted to leave the EU will someone gerrymander it so that we are told that we’ve left when in fact they will have signed us up to so many conditions that it will be brexit in name only.

    I will lead a popular uprising. Many will die. The will of the people will prevail. I will be viewed as a monster by many, but ultimately the history books will see me as a hero and a permanent memorial to me will be erected on Dunstable downs.

    I may not get there with you but together we will reach the promised land.
  12. :thumbsup:
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    I don't think Dunstable counts as the promised land , especially after the California ballroom was knocked down
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  14. And they lost the Windsock!
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  15. But the Revolution will spread farther, as far as Great Gaddesden, comrade :thumbsup:
  16. If it’s not the promised land then why are there so many polish, Albanians and Rumanians here?
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  17. Some Germans got hold of your bits :eek:
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  18. Do they bother you then?
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    Noooooooo not again
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