The San Francisco Adventure Camper

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  1. Hello

    This isn’t our 1st stab at a bay build. We sold our Adventurewagen conversion a couple of years back and have regretted it ever since...So whilst browsing eBay a week or so back I came accross what I thought was a rather sad looking late bay Adventurewagen for sale up in Edinburgh.

    I watched the auction end with no interest, so phoned the guy for a chat. He said it was pretty solid and straight, and if it doesn’t sell he’d paint it up all pretty and stick a westy roof on it! What a waste! So we left a deposit and trundled up there and 550 miles later it was in the garage... Although it’s not an Adventurewagen, it’s an Adventure camper...close enough. Heres a few pics;

    F023D113-B603-4FE8-879D-1594F34814C3.jpeg 70CAFE94-4E84-4C4D-95A0-4AF5BFF301D4.jpeg

    Had to remove the roof as the garage was 50mm too short. Should be fine once the engine/interior are fitted


    Pulled the windows and found surprisingly little rot, especially around the front screen which was fine. Started a few repairs to sliding door. The tailgates going to be a bugger.

    9D5F3D6E-552C-4A4E-8648-48816D3EDEFB.jpeg 026ABAD9-771A-408C-BE5B-79A1B5E508B5.jpeg 4F6F5714-815C-4028-8B7C-F06A80851D60.jpeg

    One small patch on the cab floor. Didn’t realise until I’d cut the new panel that it was the wrong one/Marmitety quality. The cargo floor repairs gone back as it was nothing like...

    00368A2A-294B-4BB8-8CD1-A968572602CC.jpeg 16CE2E5B-28AA-4C5C-81E3-37644604BB09.jpeg

    Couldn’t resist a little test polish

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  2. I like polishing old stuff

    This was our tin top that we stuck a hightop on

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  3. And bookmark.

    Good Luck!!
  4. Cheers fella :thumbsup:
  5. Looks like a good project! Good luck!
  6. good luck dude, watching with interest!

    The earlybay looked nice :D
  7. Sweet
  8. Good work,
    their very usable...:thumbsup:
  9. Not a very interesting update, but managed a few hours on the bus today.

    Had some issues with poor quality panels and one order got lost so I was hoping to have the welding finished today, but not happening without panels...

    I managed to get both battery trays replaced, a repair to the rear below the light and some to the inner rear quarters where some screw holes had gone crusty. Just a couple of patches on the cargo floor to do and decide how to go about fixing a very rusty tailgate. Few uninteresting pics :(

    27FFB47B-76E5-4F08-AABC-36A09030119D.jpeg A08EDF6F-0600-4D20-90EF-8CDCC7B57515.jpeg C4A3AC5F-CFB6-4F42-8F82-F4ECC626B102.jpeg 89A1C9E7-3840-4D06-851C-3018F0942D51.jpeg 39152F46-AF42-4FC2-A778-A25F63481CAE.jpeg 984D41A4-D5A7-48DB-AF3F-7DAE4CAE3AE7.jpeg

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  10. More fascinating welding :mad: Today’s all about the rear end...everyone loves a tidy rear end...unfortunately, this ones buggered



    Made a start on the lower part which was hiding a lot more rust between the skin and frame, so I have ordered a repair panel. Looks like the previous owner sold the solid imported tailgate for a tidy profit, and popped this rusty turd on instead :thumbsup: cheers buddy!

  11. looks like a great project. love the look of the lowered early.. spot on. Your new one will be even better though as you've gained a deformation panel ;-)

    good skills there too

  12. More welding :(

    Finished the tailgate and patched the cargo floor. The tailgate repair panel from just kampers was a very good quality part and fitment was spot on, although folding edges over is never fun!


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  13. Floor = done
    Arch patch near rear belt mount = done
    Patches by both front belt mounts = done
    Welding = done :burp:

    Pulled the tank to check it’s condition and cleanliness along with painting it all up. Gave the engine bay a good clean ready to start prepping for paint. Filth :confused:

    More slightly uninteresting pics...but I’ve started, so I’ll finish...

    Before scrubbing

    After scrubbing

    Original factory underseals done it’s job
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