The Pudding Room

Discussion in 'Derbyshire' started by the banker, May 26, 2015.

  1. Cheers for the write up, looks like its a great little campsite - local to us too :thumbsup:
  2. Which awning do you have to work with the van and the Puck?
  3. Khyam Motordome classic. It's attached to the puck and the camper just lines up to the side door
  4. Booked in tonight. One night stop on the way to download.
  5. Why not put the review on here?
  6. Will do
  7. I meant the banker really. :)
    After all, it just needed cut and paste and I don't read blogs.
  8. What is there to do at Carsington water? Ive been ...once seemed a soul-less place to me.
  9. drown your sorrows?
  10. or a bag of cats.
  11. A belated review of the pudding room from me:

    Nice, small, cheap (ish)

    Level site, all pitches quite close to a relatively busy road (albeit a country through route - not a duel carriageway)

    Minimal but clean facilities with a couple of showers and toilets attached to the only building on site.

    No hookup.

    Walking distance down to carsington reservoir which can be walked round completely or if you want a level walk then just do half of it near the visitor centre and half the dam.

    Carsington is a nice place for a bbq, it's as close as you can get to a beach in Derbyshire.

    Site is 10 mins outside of Ashbourne which has a co-op etc
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  12. Have you tried the camping spot at The Knockerdown Inn? not too badly priced & the food is good, views are too :D

  13. No mate, drive past it probably every week too!
    Worth a ride out when the vans back on the road
  14. Ahh your local then! The Miners Standard at Winster is another good one to try :)

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